1. 당신이 회의에 꼭 참석할 필요는 없어요
    It is not absolutely necessary for you to attend the meeting.

    • It is easy for you to do 하기는 쉽다.
    • It is difficult for you to do 하기는 어렵다.
    • It is important for you to 하는 것은 중요하다.
    • It is necessary for you to do 하는 것은 필요하다.
    • It is dangerous for you to do 하는 것은 위험하다.
  2. 현재완료시재+since 2013/last week/l was born.(시작시점)

    과거/현재완료/미래시제+for two years/about five weeks (기간)

    과거시제 + two months ago
    I have not seen him since January (1월 포함)

    John will be staying in New York for two weeks

    I arrived here two months ago.
  3. ⋅ be subject to N ~의 대상이다, 영향을 받다
    subject : 형용사, 종속의 의미.
    ⋅ be subjected to N ~당하다
    subject : 동사(수동태), 종속의 의미.
    • ⋅ Scheduled events are subject to change without notice. 예고없이 변경될수 있다.
    • ⋅ We are subject to our country's laws 자국법의 지배를 받는다
    • ⋅ Your business plan is subject to review. 검토가 필요하다.
    • ----------------------------
    • ⋅ he will be subjected to the sever cold. 혹독한 추위를 경험하게 될것이다.
  4. 이 차에는 에어 브레이크가 장착되어 있다
    This car is fitted with air brakes
  5. 그의 아이디어는 편지에 언급되어 있다.

    나는 비서에게 가서 문의하라는 말을 들었다.
    His idea is referred to in the letter

    I was referred to the secretary for information
  6. 캐나다 물가는 꽤 바싸다 태국과 비교해서,
    Canada is quite expensive compared to Thailand.

    comparing to X
  7. all / a lot of / plenty of + 가산(복수) or 불가산(단수)

    every + 단수
    • a lot of books
    • a lot of money

    • plenty of cars
    • plenty of trash

    • all dogs are~
    • all money is

    every boy is
  8. ~하는 동안에 : for, during, while, as
    • for + 숫자 (시간의 기간)
    • during +명사  (동작기간),     +동명사(X)
    • while +S+V/동명사 (During the time)
    • as+S+V (at the moment)

    • ----
    • I have been waiting for an hour.
    • The accident occurred during the night.
    • While i was working, the phone rang many times.
    • As I opened the window, the air conditioner fell out.
  9. be going to + 동사원형
    be going to + 장소(명사) : ~에 가는 중이다.
    Are you going to the shopping mall now
  10. help out on
    I need you to help out on the campaign.
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