Chain of Command

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  1. Commander in Chief
    Honorable President Barack Obama
  2. Secretary of Defense
    Honorable Robert Gates
  3. Secretary of the Army
    Honorable John McHugh
  4. U. S. Army Chief of Staff
    General George Casey Jr.
  5. CG, U.S Army Cadet Command
    Major General Arthur M. Bartell
  6. Director, U.S. Army JROTC
    Colonel John V. Vanderbleek
  7. Sixth Brigade Commander
    Colonel Leo M. Impavido
  8. Grissom Senior Army Instructor
    Colonel Rodney Johnson
  9. Grissom Battalion Commander
    c/LTC Ashleigh Tomkovich
  10. Grissom Executive Officer
    c/MAJ Julia Moss
  11. Grissom Battalion Command Sergeant Major
    c/CSM Kara Boyer
  12. Battalion S-1
    c/CPT Hannah Crouse
  13. Battalion S-2
    c/CPT Andrew Hedrick
  14. Battalion S-3
    c/MAJ Chris Olsen
  15. Battalion S-4
    c/CPT Jordan Hayes
  16. Battalion S-5
    c/CPT Angela Ozbolt
  17. Battalion S-6
    c/CPT Zachery Prichard
  18. Alpha Company Commander
    c/CPT Jacob Weist
  19. Bravo Company Commander
    c/CPT Brandon Tuttle
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