Chem 1B coordination compounds

  1. diamagnetic vs paramagnetic
    • diamagnetic: not magnetic; due to no unpaired electrons
    • paramagnetic: magnetic; due to unpaired electrons
  2. strong field ligands
    ↑energy cause ↑Δ0 

    examples: CN-, CO, en, pyr
  3. weak field ligands
    • ↓energy cause ↓Δ0
    • examples: Cl-, I-, Br-, F-, H2O, NH3
  4. ligands
    4 most common
    molecules or ions that bond to the metal ion in a complex; the ligands "coordinate" to the metal

    H2O, NH3, Cl-, CN-
  5. geometries of complex ions:
    coordination number, define and name 6-2
    • coordination number: number of ligands (atoms) attached to metal center
    • 6: octahedral
    • 5: trigonal bipyramid or square pyramid 
    • 4: tetrahedral or square planer
    • 3: trigonal planer
    • 2: linear
  6. know 10 ligands
    • Br-: bromo
    • F-: fluoro
    • OH-: hydroxo
    • CN-: cyano
    • C2O42-: oxalato
    • CO32-: carbonato
    • CH3COO-: acetato
    • NH3: ammine
    • H2O: aqua
    • H2NCH2CH2NH2: ethylenediamine
  7. polydentate ligand
    a ligand in which two or more donor atoms can coordinate to the same metal ion

    ex. bidentate: C2O42- (oxalato) and en
  8. isomers: same molecular formula, different "something".... 2 types with types
    • 1. constitutional (structural) - different attachments. linkage isomer: ligands can attach in different ways. coordination sphere isomer: switching ligands with counter ions
    • 2. geometric (stereoisomers) - different arrangements (cis, trans). enantiomers: stereoisomer with a mirror image that is not superimposable (chiral)
  9. which transition metals have square planar geometry?
    d8 metals: Ni2+, Pd2+, Pt2+
  10. octahedral crystal field splitting: lower and upper
    upper:   dx2y2----dz2 

    lower:   dxy----dxz----dzy
  11. tetrahedral crystal field splitting: lower and upper
    upper:   dxy----dxz----dyz

    lower:   dx2y2----dz2
  12. square planar crystal field splitting: lower and upper
    upper:   dx2y2

    mid:     dxy

    mid:     dz2

    lower:   dxz----dyz
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Chem 1B coordination compounds
Chem 1B coordination compounds