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  1. 1) A decision can be said to have improved if it can be made more quickly.
  2. 2) In high-velocity automated decision making, humans are eliminated from the decision chain.
  3. 3) DSS primarily address structured problems.
  4. 4) Business intelligence and analytics are products defined by software vendors.
  5. 5) What-if analysis works forward from known or assumed conditions.
  6. 6) Executive support systems focus on using parameterized reports and data mining to analyze large pools of data in major corporate systems.
  7. 7) GDSS are designed to display data in the form of digitized maps.
  8. 8) Web-based tools for videoconferencing and electronic meetings are the primary tools for GDSS.
  9. 9) Expert systems capture the knowledge of skilled employees in the form of a set of rules in a software system that can be used by others in the organization.
  10. 10) Case-based reasoning describes a particular phenomenon or process linguistically and then represents that description in a small number of flexible rules.
  11. 11) CBR is used in diagnostic systems in medicine.
  12. 12) Fuzzy logic is used to express relationships very generally.
  13. 13) Unlike genetic algorithms, neural networks are not suited to finding patterns and relationships in massive amounts of data.
  14. 14) Because genetic algorithms produce generalized solutions, they are best used as aids or guides to human decision makers instead of substitutes for them.
  15. 15) Genetic algorithms are used for generating solutions to problems that are too large and complex for human beings to analyze on their own.
  16. 16) Shopping bots are a form of intelligent agent.
  17. 17) Knowledge can reside in e-mail, voice mail, graphics, and unstructured documents as well as structured documents.
  18. 18) Enterprise-wide knowledge management systems deal with structured and semistructured knowledge, while other systems are used for unstructured knowledge.
  19. 19) Structured knowledge includes just that information that exists in formal documents and rules.
  20. 20) Knowledge network systems seek to turn unstructured knowledge of some employees into explicit knowledge that can be stored or accessed by other individuals.
  21. 21) Neural network applications in medicine, science, and business address problems in all of the following except:
  22. 22) Which of the following is a key problem in managing knowledge?
    Classifying knowledge
  23. 23) According to your reading of the text, Procter & Gamble's use of intelligent agent technology in its supply chain illustrates the use of information systems to implement which of the four generic business strategies?
    Low-cost leadership
  24. 24) Why does improving a small, routine decision have business value for a company?
    A small decision has business value when added with all the other small decisions made in the company.
  25. 25) Where there is no well-understood or agreed-on procedure for making a decision, it is said to be:
  26. 26) The type of decision that can be made by following a definite procedure is called a(n) ________ decision.
  27. 27) Which types of decisions are more prevalent at lower organizational levels?
    Structured decisions
  28. 28) ________ decisions are most common at higher levels of management.
  29. 29) Operational management typically makes which type of decisions?
  30. 30) Deciding whether to introduce a new product line is an example of a(n):
    Unstructured decision.
  31. 31) Estimating the number of direct goods to reorder falls into which category of decision making?
  32. 32) Which phase of decision making finds or recognizes a problem?
  33. 33) Simon's four different stages in decision making are, in order from first to last:
    Intelligence, design, choice, and implementation.
  34. 34) Which dimension of quality means that a decision should reflect a rational process?
  35. 35) Which dimension of quality means that a decision faithfully reflects the concerns and interests of affected parties?
  36. 36) You are answering phones for a local utilities provider and are speaking with an extremely angry customer. Because your company manual advises employees to transfer hostile calls to a superior, you do this. What quality dimension of decisions does your action reflect?
    Due process
  37. 37) Which of the following is not an element of the business intelligence environment?
    Executive users
  38. 38) All of the following are analytic functionalities that BI systems deliver except:
    User interface.
  39. 39) Which of the following would be a typical production report for an organization's financial division?
    Cash flow
  40. 40) In a parameterized report, users can:
    View data according to different dimensions of the data.
  41. 41) Which of the following BI functionalities would you use to assess how customers would respond to a price change in your product?
    Predictive analytics
  42. 42) All of the following are dimensions of firm performance that are measured in the balanced scorecard method except:
  43. 43) Why is the balanced scorecard method said to be "balanced"?
    It measures performance of more than just financial systems.
  44. 44) What type of model asks what-if questions repeatedly to determine the impact on outcomes of changes in one or more factors?
    Sensitivity analysis
  45. 45) Backward sensitivity analysis software is used for:
    Goal seeking.
  46. 46) Which type of information system uses data visualization technology to analyze and display data for planning and decision making in the form of digitized maps?
  47. 47) GDSS are designed to:
    Implement structured methods for organizing and evaluation ideas.
  48. 48) A KPI is:
    A measure proposed by senior management.
  49. 49) You are the CEO of a national shoe store and want to add three new stores. Which of the following tools will best help you find the most potentially profitable new locations?
    Intelligent agent
  50. 50) You are developing a customer recommendation system for a department store's e-commerce site. Which of the following tools will provide the most accurate recommendations?
    Big data analytics
  51. 51) Expert systems:
    Work in very limited domains.
  52. 52) Expert systems model human knowledge as a set of rules that collectively are called the:
    Knowledge base.
  53. 53) An inference engine is:
    A strategy used to search through the rule base in an expert system.
  54. 54) Virtually all successful expert systems deal with problems of:
  55. 55) ________ are designed to have a generalized capability to learn.
    Neural networks
  56. 56) ________ are intelligent techniques that parallel some aspects of the processing patterns of the biological brain.
    Neural networks
  57. 57) Genetic algorithms:
    Develop solutions to particular problems using techniques such as mutation, crossover, and selection.
  58. 58) To automate routine tasks to help firms search for and filter information for use in electronic commerce and supply chain management, a firm would most likely use:
    Intelligent agents.
  59. 59) Expertise and experience of organizational members that has not been formally documented best describes:
    Tacit knowledge.
  60. 60) What are the two major types of knowledge management systems?
    Enterprise-wide knowledge management systems and knowledge work systems
  61. 61) ________ systems help organizations manage both structured and semistructured knowledge.
    Enterprise content management
  62. 62) In order to search for and retrieve knowledge objects in an enterprise content management system, the objects themselves must be:
    Tagged with a classification.
  63. 63) Tools for the management, delivery, tracking, and assessment of various types of employee learning best describes:
    Learning management systems.
  64. 64) ________ help media firms store and manage unstructured digital data such as photographs, images, videos, and audio files.
    Digital asset management systems
  65. 65) ________ are an essential component of a knowledge work system.
    Links to external knowledge bases
  66. 66) Which of the following would not be classified as a knowledge work system?
    Digital asset management system
  67. 67) CAD workstations:
    Provide design engineers with precise, three-dimensional representations of their models.
  68. 68) Virtual reality applications for the Web use a standard called:
  69. 69) Virtual reality systems:
    Provide simulations of walking through or manipulating a three-dimensional model or programmed real-world environment.
  70. 70) ________ is a management methodology that translates a firm's goals into operational targets.
  71. 71) Folksonomies are user-created taxonomies.
  72. 72) ________ help users gain information from large amounts of geographically linked data.
    Location analytics tools
  73. 73) A(n) ________ table is a spreadsheet feature that displays two or more dimensions of data in a convenient format.
  74. 74) Dashboards and scorecards are visual interfaces used to make firm information easier to review quickly.
  75. 75) A(n) ________ capability allows users to view more detailed views of data.
  76. 76) ________ intelligence technology consists of computer-based systems that attempt to emulate human behavior and thought patterns.
  77. 77) Decision making is enhanced by a diverse group of ________, such as data mining and fuzzy logic.
    Intelligent techniques
  78. 78) In ________, descriptions of past experiences of human specialists, represented as cases, are stored in a database for later retrieval when the user encounters a new case with similar parameters.
  79. 79) Which of the following types of business intelligence user is considered a power user?
    Business analysts
  80. 80) Knowledge network systems are also known as knowledge work systems.
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