1. What is the CNO's Navigation plan or his priorities?
    • Warfighting
    • Operate Forward
    • Be ready
  2. What is the purpose of Navy Opportunities?
    To collaborate with and enable the prospect to solve his/her problems and achieve his/her plans
  3. What is the definition of Navy Opportunities?
    How the Navy enables the prospect to solve his/her problems and achieve his/her plans
  4. What is the definition of the Navy's Advantages?
    How specific the Navy Opportunities exceed options the prospect is considering
  5. What is the purpose of explaining the Navy's Advantages?
    To help the prospect understand the Navy's competitive advantages
  6. What are the following colors in regards to stress continuum? Green Yellow Orange Red
    • Green - Ready, fit, healthy
    • Yellow - Reacting, recover, build
    • Orange - Injured
    • Red - Ill
  7. What are the compnents of SMART?
    • Territory Map
    • Goal Recap
    • ASAD
    • SOAR Binder
    • Highschool Folder
    • DEP Status Board
  8. What is the workforce market?
  9. What market identification tool is used to ensure NRS recruiters have a fair share of the market?
  10. What is STEAM?
    Standardized Territory Evaluation and Analysis for Management
  11. What is a blue star?
    High School
  12. What is a Silver Star?
    Vocational School
  13. What is a Gold Star?
    4 year college
  14. What is a Green Star?
    2 year college
  15. What is a Red Star?
  16. What is a Red Star (R)?
    Reserve Center
  17. ASAD will be maintained for how long?
    Current + two years
  18. What does ASAD do?
    Help recruiters compare their performance with other service recruiters
  19. What is valuable, monthly updated "at-a-glance" evaluation of a station, division or district?
    Goal Recap Sheet
  20. What are the protocols of the goal recap sheet?
    Posted in the SMART board and previous 2 years will be kep on file
  21. Green name on DEP board
  22. Red name on DEP board?
  23. Blue name on DEP board?
    High School Male
  24. Black Name on DEP board?
    Work force male
  25. How long will you keep school folders?
    Current + 2 years
  26. What are the five designs for RADS?
    • Fullfillment items
    • Lead generating
    • Awareness Items
    • Transition Items
    • Sales Closing
  27. What does RADS stand for?
    Recruiter Assistant Devices
  28. What is the primary purpose of HS/CC Canvasing Program?
    Generate referrals, produce quality contracts and increase navy awareness
  29. What is ERPM for?
    Designed to provide production personnel with an effective plan and evaluation of recruiting activites necessary to achieve goal
  30. What does ERPM stand for?
    Enlisted Recruiter Production Management System
  31. What are the components of the ERPM?
    • Applicant Log
    • Production Analysis Training and Evaluation (PATE)
    • Weekly Planner
  32. App Logs are retained for how long?
    Current + 12 months
  33. The data from the PATE sheet comes from how many months of app logs and planners back?
    3 months
  34. PATE sheet has how many sections?
  35. What are the sections of the PATE?
    • Prospecting Generated
    • Prospecting Summary
    • Prospecting Plan Guidance
    • Other Activity
  36. Planners and category tables shall be maintained for inspection purposes and when a recruiter transfers, a copy of the last how many months will be kept on file?
    12 months
  37. What provides information necessary to conduct proper activity analysis and a baseline for the recruiter to develop an effective prospecting plan?
  38. What provides data for the PATE sheet?
    App logs
  39. How long do you keep a weekly planner on file?
    12 months
  40. What tool provides the recruiter with production analysis and allows the LPO/LCPO to review, adjust, and train?
  41. How long are the following kep for? Planners and category tables, Weekly Planners and App Logs
    12 months
  42. How long are the following kept for? ASAD, School Folders, PATE, Goal Recap Sheet
    24 months
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