1. abhorred
    to have drawn back in hatred or disgust
  2. abstemious
    moderate, temperate
  3. allay
    to relieve, passify, or calm
  4. auspicious
    of good omen; favorable
  5. blasphemous
    showing disrespect for God or sacred things
  6. celestial
    having to do with the sky or universe
  7. coronet
    a small crown worn by nobility or a band of jewels or flowers worn around the head
  8. disposed
    inclined; possising a certain demeanor or tendency
  9. fen
    low, marshy, or frequently flooded area of land
  10. fortitude
    courage in pain or adversity
  11. homage
    something given or done to show respect
  12. inquisition
    a period of intensive questioning or investigation; an official or judicial inquiry
  13. jocund
    cheerful and lighthearted
  14. malignant
    very evil or dangerous
  15. odious
    hateful, disgusting
  16. omit
    to leave out
  17. perdition
    state of eternal punishment and damnation for the sinful after death
  18. perfidious
    acting in betrayal of trust; treacherous
  19. perish
    die in a violent, sudden, or untimely manner
  20. prate
    to talk foolishly or tediously about something; chatter
  21. precursor
    a person or thing that comes before another; forerunner
  22. premises
    previous statement from which another is inferred OR to base an argument or theory on
  23. prerogative
    right or privelage exclusive to a particular individual/class OR property distinguishing a person or class
  24. quaint
    attractively unusual or old fashioned
  25. sinew
    a piece of tough fibrous tissue uniting muscle to bone; tendon, ligament, parts of a structure that band it together
  26. spendthrift
    a person who spends money in an extravagant, irresposible way
  27. trifle
    a thing of little value/importance OR a small amount of something
  28. upbraid
    scold or rebuke strongly
  29. vex
    to irritate/annoy strongly
  30. zenith
    the highest point reached by a celestial object or something else; apex, the time at which something is most powerful
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