Boeing 787 - Systems Study Items

  1. What is the max diff?
    9.4 PSI
  2. What is the max diff for take off and landing?
    1.1 PSI
  3. What is the normal cabin altitude?
    6000 feet.
  4. "In the event of a pack fault
    is the cabin limited to 6000 feet?"
  5. What is the max cabin temp prior to start?
    46 degrees or less.
  6. What may happen if a start is attempted with an excessive cabin temp?
    "The start may fail
  7. What is the range and mid point of the cockpit and cabin temp selectors?
    "18 to 29 degrees
  8. "If the alternate ventilation switch indicates
  9. "If the alternate ventilation valve is open
    what configuration would you expect the pressurisation system to be in?"
  10. What happens when the alternate air valve is open?
    Fresh air flows through the air distribution system.
  11. Above what altitude does the outflow valve close?
    15000 feet.
  12. At what cabin altitude do the pax oxy masks drop?
  13. How long does the pax oxy last?
    22 mins.
  14. The pressurisation/air conditioning system is made up of how many and what main components?
    4 CACs + 2 packs.
  15. Do the RAM fans work in all stages of flight?
    No only on the ground.
  16. Do the CACs and packs operate continually throughout the engine start?
  17. What are the three times you'd expect to see the PACK OFF light come on?
    "- When the pack is turned off.
  18. - During the start sequence.
  19. - When the CAC/ pack has failed."
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