HHC Plans

  1. McMahon Letter
    • 1915
    • Written to Arabs from the British saying:
    • Arabs will fight with the British
    • Arabs will be given their own nation
  2. Sykes-Picot Agreement
    • 1916
    • A secret agreement between the British and French splitting
    • the middle east between them
  3. Balfour Declaration
    • 1917
    • A statement from the British to a leader of the Jews creating a Jewish Palestine
    • Jews: liked idea (Zionism)
    • Palestinians: felt ripped off by British
  4. British Mandate
    • 1922
    • A mandate formalizing the British rule of Palestine that had before been controlled by the Ottoman Empire
  5. UN Partition Plan
    • 1947
    • A plan with a 2-state solution for both Jews and Palestinians made right before the British left. This plan was accepted by the Jews, because it gave them more then they currently had, but rejected by the Palestinians, because they disliked how the area was divided up
  6. UN Resolution 194
    • 1948
    • Jerusalem: controlled internationally by UN
    • Refugees: right to return or to be compensated
  7. UN Resolution 242
    • 1967 (after Six-Day War)
    • Territory: Israel withdraws from area obtained; every state has the right to exists
    • Refugees: “achieve a just settlement of the refugee population” this was so vague it did nothing
    • Security: established demilitarized “buffer zones”
  8. Oslo Accords
    • 1993
    • Territory: 2-state solution and will recognize each other; Palestine will be West Bank + Gaza Strip; Palestine will form a interim democratic government
    • Jerusalem: Palestinian areas will be Palestinian and vise-versa
    • Refugees: No right of return
    • Security: Israel will withdraw from Gaza + West Bank and Palestinians will have police
  9. Clinton Plan
    • 2000
    • Territory: Palestine will equal 94%-96%
    • Jerusalem: Jewish areas Israeli and vise-versa
    • Refugees: no right of return
    • Security: Palestine will be demilitarized and rid itself of Hamas; Israel can have 3 military bases in Palestine
  10. Quartet Roadmap
    • 2003 (George W. Bush)
    • Territory: 2-state plan; Palestine must have public elections for PA; 94%-96% of West Bank; Israel will withdraw from settlements
    • Security: Palestine must rid Hamas and terrorism
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