1. Being assigned a project manager, you noticed during project execution that conflicts arise in the team on both technical and interpersonal levels. What is an appropriate way of handling conflicts?
    Conflicts should be addressed early and usually in private, using direct, collaborative approach
  2. What is the purpose of a Project Charter?
    To formally authorize a project or a phrase and document initial requirements which satisfy the stakeholders needs and expectations.
  3. The concept of the ____ states that changes related to one requirement- scope, time or cost, will at least influence on other element.
    Triple Constraint
  4. Your organization is considering to run a project which will entail an investment of $1,000,000. The product of the project is forecasted to create revenues of $250,000 in the first year after the end of the project and $420,000 in each of the two following years.

    What is true for the net present value of the project over the three years cycle at a discount rate of 10%?
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  5. What does the term best practice often refer to?
    A specific sequence of work, described in terms of soft logic.
  6. The communications management plan is a document which includes descriptions of:
    Stakeholder communications requirements
  7. ____ are usually not a manifestation of unique organizational cultures and styles.
    Individual traits and attitudes of co-workers
  8. Which of the following is generally not regarded as an element of active listening?
    Interrupting when appropriate
  9. measuring equipment question
  10. As the PM, you decide to arrange a team meeting to identify and analyze lessons learned from quality control with stakeholders. What should you do with them?
    Document them and make them part of the historical database for the project and the performing organization.
  11. Which of the following documents are used as input for the Validate Scope Process?
    • The project management plan, containing the scope baseline consisting of the project scope statement and its associated WBS and WBS dictionary.
    • The validated deliverables, completed and checked for correctness by the Perform quality control process.
    • The Requirements traceability matrix, linking requirements to their origin and tracing them throughout the project lifecycle.
  12. How should change management be planned for?
    Change management can be planned in a set of management plans or a specific change management plan.
  13. According to Bruce Tuckman, which are the stages of team development?
    Forming, storming, norming, performing
  14. What are reasons for companies to organize lessons learned?
    • Lessons learned databases are an essential element of the organizational process assets;
    • Lessons learned sessions should bring about recommendations to improve future performance on projects;
    • Phase-end lessons learned sessions provide a good team building exercise for project staff members.
  15. How does a project management team stay in touch with the work and the attitudes of project team members?
    By observation and communication.
  16. Which document is developed along the risk management process from Identify Risks through Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis to Control Risks?
    Risk register
  17. A customer is requiring a minor scope change and expects you to do this without delays and additional costs. You believe that you have adequate authorization to make the decision by yourself, but you are not quite sure.
    What are next steps?
    Handle the request according to the integrated change control processes described in your management plans. Then make a decision with the appropriate change control body, whether the increased customer satisfaction will be worth the extra costs, work, risks, etc.
  18. A facilitator should...
    ...give guidance as required without interfering.
  19. As the PM in a software project which is currently initiated, you want to assess high-level risks. What should you do?
    Develop the project charter and a risk management plan to start identifying risks based on those and other documents.
  20. In most jurisdictions, a legally required order of formal statements establishing a contract is:
    Offer, acceptance
  21. What should managers consider before conducting a performance-evaluation interview with a project team member?
    Has the employee been provided with sufficient instructions and work tools?
  22. Which statement describes best handling of assumptions during the initiating processes?
    Organizational, environmental and external assumptions should be addressed by the project charter.
  23. A WBS dictionary is a document which...
    ...describes the details for each component in the WBS.
  24. You are in the process of contacting sellers to obtain bids and proposals. You found out that it might become a time-consuming procedure to ensure that the sellers get a clear and common understanding of the procurement process and of the needs of your project. Which technique may help save time?
    Bidder conference
  25. As a project manager, when should you especially consider cultural differences?
    When you decide upon recognition and awards during the Team Development.
  26. At the beginning of project execution, you notice different opinions between team members relating to project work and deliverables and to the overall complexity. What should you do right now?
    Organize meetings to identify and resolve misunderstandings between team members in order to avoid interface problems, disintegration, and costly re-work early in the project.
  27. There is a high level of resistance to your project from various stakeholders right from the start. What is the most appropriate action to resolve the problem?
    Schedule a meeting with these stakeholders to present the project, discuss and establish ground rules, ensure their involvement and identify initial personal and organizational issues.
  28. You are in the process of planning a project and found that stakeholders often have varying objectives and requirements. This makes it hard to come up with a plan with which all objectives will be met. What is probably most helpful to ensure common understanding?
    Ask the project stakeholders to build focus groups in order to discuss and remedy conflicting interest.
  29. Projects frequently do no meet customer expectations for which of the following reasons?
    Technical inability and poor risk management by the contractor.
  30. What is typical for Critical Chain project management?
    Management of buffers
  31. You are the project manager for the development of a new type of power plant. Your project is making fast progress, and it is getting nearer to the day of product acceptance. Which technique will be most important for product acceptance?
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