Cell Bio Lecture 17

  1. Photosynthesis
    autotrophs use of physical energy(light) and inorganic chemicals(CO2 & H2O) to produce organic compounds for energy
  2. Sites of Photosynthesis
    • leaves are the major sites have the largest number of chloroplast
    • designed for maximum surface area for light capture
  3. Stomata
    on the bottom leaf surface pores that release O2 and take in CO2
  4. Spongy Mesophyll
    porous lower layer allows quick diffusion of O2 and CO2 through the tissues
  5. Palisade Layer
    upper layer densely filled with chloroplast rich cells(site of most photosynthetic activity)
  6. Chloroplast
    • have an inner and outer membrane
    • cytoplasm is called the storm
    • thylakoids are membrane bound disc shaped structures in the chloroplast and are stacked into grand
    • Photosynthesis occurs on protein complex embedded in the thylakoid membrane
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Cell Bio Lecture 17