Predetermined risk response and greater alarm system (SOP 4)

  1. What is classified as an "A" class risk?
    • A building 4 stories and above
    • oil and gas installations and storage facilities
    • special target risks involving a very high hazard industrial, commercial or life risks.
  2. What is a "B" risk?
    • Industrial buildings not specified in Class A
    • Large shopping and commercial centres and supermarkets
    • health care facilities, other than in category A
    • Public buildings, grand stands, hotels and cinemas
  3. What is a "C" risk?
    • Residential buildings
    • Small shopping and commercial buildings
    • Small industrial or public buildings in isolation up to 150sqm
    • Brush fence fires
    • Vehicle fires
  4. What is a reduced attendance?
    • During the hours of 0800-1800 Mon-Fri, the response to "A" and "B" risk automatic alarms shall be reduced to a response of 2 appliances which have pumping capability
    • Adelaide CBD will not have an aerial respond during reduced response hours. An aerial shall be responded to all "A" class risks outside this zone
  5. Name 5 special risks in the Adelaide Metro Area?
    • Airports - Raaf, Adelaide, Parafield
    • Jails, Yatala, Northfields, Adelaide Remand Centre
    • Fuel Depots
    • M Berth
    • Hospitals
    • High Pressure Pipelines
    • Ship Fires
    • power Stations
    • Confined Spaces
  6. What is the response to an "A" risk?
    Report of fire (first alarm)

    • 3 x appliances (min 2 x pumpers)
    • 1 x aerial
    • 1 x commander

    • Second Alarm (Confirmed structure, special risks or ship fire - persons reported)
    • 3 x appliances
    • 1 x aerial
    • BA/Hazmat Tender & ICV (Incident Control Vehicle)
    • On Call commander 1 & 2
    • On call ACFO
    • On call Fire Investigator
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Predetermined risk response and greater alarm system (SOP 4)