vocabulary- science chapter 2- Animals

  1. shelter
    a place or object that protects in animal and keeps it safe
  2. migrate
    to move to another place
  3. hibernate
    to rest or sleep through the cold winter
  4. metamorphosis
    a change in the body form of an organism
  5. inherited trait
    a characteristic that comes from your parents
  6. learned trait
    something that you are taught or you learn
  7. tissue
    a group of cells that are alike
  8. organ
    a group of tissues that work together
  9. system
    a group of parts that work together
  10. fish
    an animal that lives it's whole life in water
  11. amphibian
    an animal that spends part of it's life in water and part of this life on land
  12. reptile
    an animal that lives on land and has waterproof skin
  13. bird
    an animal that has a beak, feathers, two wings, in two legs
  14. mammal
    an animal with fur that feeds it's young with milk
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vocabulary- science chapter 2- Animals
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