Vocabulary 3

  1. fortschrittlich
    • progressive
    • (a progressive school)
  2. 1) extravagant
    2) grell, auffällig
  3. Extravaganz; Grellheit
  4. sehr blass, fahl
    (used about a Person or their face)
  5. Wegwerf-
    (made to be thrown away after being used once for a short time)
  6. Einwegrasierer
    disposable razer
  7. Störung
    (sth that disturbs you or your life when you want to be private)
    • an intrusion on / upon / into sth
    • (This was another exemple of press intrusion into the affairs of the royals)
  8. etw wiedergutmachen
    • to atone for sth
    • (to atone for your crimes)
  9. Busse (Sinn wie Busse tun)
  10. behaupten, dass...
    • to allege that...
    • (The woman alleged that Williams hat attacked her with a knife)
  11. Behauptung
  12. angeblich
    • allegedly
    • (The man was allegedly shot while trying to escape.)
  13. 1) Armbinde
    2) Schwimmflügel
    • armband
    • (The captain of the team wears an armband)
  14. etw anstreben
    to aspire to sth/to do sth
  15. Ambition, Bestreben; Ziel
  16. Annahme, Vermutung
    • assumption
    • (We'll work on the assumption that the guests will be hungry whend they arrive).
  17. Machtübernahme
    assumption of power
  18. Fertigstellung
    • completion
    • (You will be paid on completion of the work).
  19. schwach
    • faint
    • (There is still faint hope that they will find more people alive).
    • (I feel faint - I'd better sit down).
    • (He made a faint protest).
  20. die Allgemeinheit, die Öffentlichkeit
    general public
  21. leichtgläubig (used about a person: believing and trusting people too easily, and therefore easily tricked)
  22. Muster
    • pattern
    • (a shirt with a floral pattern on it)
  23. gemustert, mit Muster
  24. nicht essbar, ungeniessbar
  25. essbar, geniessbar
  26. schlampig
    • slapdash
    • (He's a bit slapdash about doing his homework on time).
  27. Todfeind(in)
    sworn enemy
  28. sich in ärztliche Behandlung begeben
    to undergo (or get) medical treatment
  29. Verstauchung
  30. sich etw verstauchen
    • to sprain sth
    • (To sprain your ankle).
  31. seltsam
    • peculiar
    • (There's a very peculiar smell in here).
  32. typisch für jdn sein
    • to be peculiar to sb/sth
    • (a species of bird peculiar to South East Asia).
  33. leer werden
    • to run sth down
    • (Turn the lights off or you'll run the battery down).
  34. das Hinken (nomen), hinken (verb)
    • (to) limp
    • (To walk with a limp)
  35. wund, verletzt (used about a part of the body)
    • sore
    • (To have a sore throat)
  36. Schmerz
    • soreness
    • (A cream to reduce soreness and swelling)
  37. in sich hineinlachen (to laugh quietly)
    • to chuckle
    • (Bruce chuckled to himself as he read the letter).
  38. Gekicher
  39. jdn mürrisch ansehen
    • to scowl at sb
    • to look at sb with a scowl
  40. gähnen, das Gähnen
    • (to) yawn
    • ("How much longer will it take?" he said with a yawn).
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