E-3 EPME 2016

  1. Where can the E-PME sign off sheets be found?
    • COMDTINST 1510.2
    • Ref epme Page 1-2
  2. E-PME EOCT are given at what pay grades?
    • E-4, E-6, or E-8 pay grades
    • Ref epme Page 1-2
  3. What pay grades do not have to take an E-PME EOCT?
    • E-5, E-7, or E-9 are not required
    • Ref epme Page 1-2
  4. How many different delivery methods are there for the E-PME study guide?
    • 3
    • • Web-based,
    • • CD-ROM,
    • • Paper-based.
    • Ref epme Page 1-3
  5. How many miles of shoreline does the US have?
    • 95,000 miles of shoreline
    • Ref epmp Page 1-10
  6. (E-PME Study Guide Number: 2-3.01.K) In the example, what does the 2 designate?
    • The number 2 indicates chapter
    • Ref epme Page 1-7
  7. (E-PME Study Guide Number: 2-3.01.K) In the example, what does the 3 designate?
    • pay grade
    • Ref epme Page 1-7
  8. (E-PME Study Guide Number: 2-3.01.K) In the example, what does the 01 designate?
    • sequencial chapter
    • Ref epme Page 1-7
  9. (E-PME Study Guide Number: 2-3.01.K) In the example, what does the K and P designate?
    • K=knowledge
    • P=Performance
    • Ref epme Page 1-7
  10. How many federal agencies merged to make up the CG of today?
    • five Federal agencies
    • Ref epme Page 1-11
  11. Name the 5 Federal Agencies’ that merged in order to make up today’s CG?
    • 1. Revenue Cutter Service,
    • 2. Lighthouse Service,
    • 3. Steamboat Inspection Service,
    • 4. Bureau of Navigation,
    • 5. Lifesaving Service
    • Ref epme Page 1-11
  12. When was the formal creation of the Coast Guard?
    • formal creation of the Coast Guard in 1915
    • Ref epme Page 1-12
  13. What does the term “Rating” mean?
    • Rating – Is the proper term for an enlisted member’s occupational specialty.
    • Ref epme Page 1-13
  14. What are the oldest responsibilities of the CG?
    • Maritime law enforcement and border control
    • Ref epme Page E3-2
  15. How many Missions does the CG have?
    Coast Guard has eleven missions
  16. By law, the Coast Guard has 11 missions: What are they?
    • Ports, waterways, and coastal security
    • Drug interdiction
    • Aids to navigation
    • Search and rescue
    • Living marine resources
    • Marine safety
    • Defense readiness
    • Migrant interdiction
    • Marine environmental protection
    • Ice operations
    • Other law enforcement
    • (listed in order of percentage of operating expenses)Ref epme Page E3-3
  17. What are the roles in the Coast Guard?
    • Maritime safety
    • Maritime Security
    • Maritime Stewardship
  18. In 1976 what did congress pass, which created the (EEZ) exclusive economic zone?
    Magnuson-Stevens fishery conservation & management act E3-6
  19. Our maritime border extends out to ___ miles?
    • Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), this legislation extended our nation’s maritime border out 200 nautical miles.
    • E3-6
  20. What is the extension off of our shores called?
    • Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ),
    • E3-6
  21. What enlisted rate is exclusive to the reserves?
    • Investigator
    • E3-8
  22. Team Coast Guard includes who?
    • AD
    • Reservist
    • Civilian
    • Auxiliarists
    • Contactors
    • E3-8
  23. What reservists are considered to be in an Active Status?
    • Ready Reserve
    • E3-9
  24. What makes up the ready reserve?
    • 1. Selected Reserve (SELRES)
    • 2. Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).
    • E3-9
  25. How many drills for selected reserve?
    • 48 paid inactive duty training (IDT)
    • 12 paid active duty training (ADT) days per fiscal year
    • E3-9
  26. When the US flag is displayed on land, it is called ____?
    • Colors
    • E3-16
  27. When the US flag is displayed on a vessel or Facility, it is called ____?
    • Ensign
    • E3-16
  28. When the US flag is displayed on a vehicle or aircraft it is called ___?
    • Standard when displayed on a vehicle or aircraft.
    • E3-16
  29. Where is the CG Flag used?
    • The Coast Guard Flag (until 1962, known as the Coast Guard Standard, and also known as the Coast Guard Colors) serves as the organizational flag for parade and display purposes ashore.
    • E3-16
  30. The Coast Guard authorizes the use & size of U.S. flags I.A.W.?
    • Naval Telecommunications Procedures NTP 13
    • E3-16
  31. The Coast Guard Flag was used aboard ship before?
    • 1917
    • E3-16
  32. The date of the designation of an official Coast Guard seal & emblem?
    • 1927
    • E3-17
  33. The Coast Guard emblem is used for?
    • The sides of our cutters, small boats, aircraft, and at our units.
    • E3-17
  34. At shore installations how is the CG Ensign flown?
    • At shore installations, it is displayed from the starboard yardarm of the flagmast.
    • E3-17
  35. How many vertical stripes are on the CG Ensign?
    • The 16 vertical red and white stripes on the Coast Guard ensign represent the number of states in the Union at the time the flag was adopted
    • E3-17
  36. What do the Coast Guard Ensign’s stripes represent?
    • The 16 vertical red and white stripes on the Coast Guard ensign represent the number of states in the Union at the time the flag was adopted
    • E3-17
  37. The Coast Guard Ensign (flag) represents what?
    • A Coast Guard vessels law enforcement authority that dates back to 1799
    • E3-17
  38. By what regulation must the Ensign be displayed whenever a CG vessel is engaged in law enforcement actions?
    • Regulation 33 CFR 23.05 from head of forward most mast
    • E3-17
  39. When did the Coast Guard adopt battle streamers?
    • The Coast Guard adopted battle streamers in 1968 following the practice established by the U.S. Marine Corps.
    • E3-18
  40. How many battle streamers does the CG have?
    • EPME says 34, but the official info is listed on the website below. The Coast Guard has authorized a total of 43 battle streamers
    • http://www.uscg.mil/history/FAQS/BattleStreamers.asp
  41. What is the commissioning pennant?
    • The commissioning pennant is displayed to indicate the vessel is under the command of a commissioned officer or a commissioned warrant officer.
    • E3-18
  42. Where is the commissioning pennant flown?
    • From the commissioning until the vessel is decommissioned, the pennant is flown day and night from the aftermost masthead. An exception is made when the cutter is flying an admiral’s flag or a command pennant.
    • E3-18
  43. What degree angle is the CG Slash?
    • The recommended design was a wide red bar to the right of a narrow blue bar, both canted at 64 degrees.
    • E3-19
  44. Who wrote the CG Song/anthem Semper Paratus?
    • Captain Francis Saltus Van Boskerck wrote the words in the cabin of the cutter Yamacraw in Savannah, Ga., in 1922. He wrote the music five years later on a beat-up old piano in Unalaska, Alaska.
    • E3-19
  45. What color is the Command Master Chiefs Badge?
    • Command Master Chief (Gold Badge)
    • E3-22
  46. Who has Command Master Chiefs?
    • Major commands, such as Districts and MLCs, have a Command Master Chief (CMC) assigned.
    • E3-22
  47. What is a Command Chief?
    • The Command Chief functions as the principal advisor to the command regarding enlisted issues.
    • E3-22
  48. Who does the Education Service Officer (ESO) report directly to?
    • The Educational Service Officer (ESO) reports directly to the Executive Officer on the administration of all education programs.
    • E3-25
  49. Who does the Civil Right Officer (CRO) Report to?
    • The CRO reports directly to the Commanding Officer (CO) on all matters pertaining to civil rights issues and are considered the resident expert.
    • (E3-25)
  50. The Public Affairs Officer should be what rank?
    • E-5 and above
    • E3-26
  51. Can you contribute money to a political candidate?
    • YES
    • (E3-29)
  52. Can you sell tickets for Political fundraisers?
    • NO
    • (E3-30)
  53. Can you make public speeches for a political Candidate while out of uniform?
    • NO 
    • (E3-30)
  54. Can you act as a driver during Election Day for a particular candidate?
    • NO
    • (E3-30)
  55. Can you engage in public recruitment of a partisan political candidate?
    • NO
    • (E3-30)
  56. Can you sign a political petition?
    • YES
    • (E3-31)
  57. Can you display a candidate’s bumper sticker on your car? 
    • YES
    • (E3-31)
  58. Can you display a political sign or banner on your car?
    • NO
    • (E3-31)
  59. Can you serve as an election official?
    • As a Coast Guard member, you may serve as an election official if such service:
    • *Does not interfere with military duties.
    • *Is performed while out of uniform.
    • *Is not as a representative of a partisan political party.
    • *Has the prior approval of Commanding Officer (CO) or equivalent authority. This approval authority may be delegated, but not below the level of installation CO
    • (E3-31)
  60. No tattoos or brands shall be visible where?
    • Below the wrist bone
    • E3-39
  61. Tattoos on fingers?
    • Yes, not on thumbs, 1 per hand not to exceed ¼ inch
    • 1000.1 pg 2
  62. Branding will not exceed what size?
    • 4 x 4
    • E3-40
  63. Permanent eyeliner shall be no more than how wide?
    • 1/8 inch
    • 3.C05 pg 2
  64. What are the 7 branches of the Uniform Services?
    • 1. U.S. Coast Guard
    • 2. U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
    • 3. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    • 4. U.S. Navy
    • 5. U.S. Marine Corps
    • 6. U.S. Army
    • 7. U.S. Air Force
    • (E3-41)
  65. What enlisted ranks are there in the CG Auxiliary?
    • All Coast Guard Auxiliary members have an officer rank.
    • (E3-60)
  66. Who is marked on leadership skills?
    • Only personnel with the pay grade of E-3 and higher are evaluated on the competencies in the Leadership category.
    • E3-68
  67. What manual states Military job requirements for specific ratings?
    • COMDTINST M1414.8
    • E3-68
  68. What are the tiers of the rating chain for marks?
    • 1. Marking Official
    • 2. Approval Official
    • 3. Appeal Authority
    • E4-58
  69. What is environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS)?
    • 1. Passive
    • 2. Second-hand smoke
    • E3-75
  70. Is smokeless tobacco permitted in the work place?
    • No
    • E3-75
  71. When can tobacco products be used?
    • Only permitted in tobacco use areas
    • E3-75
  72. Does alcohol have to be consumed in order for a member to have an alcohol related incident?
    • Yes
    • E3-81
  73. Who can perform a Drug & Alcohol Assessment Screening?
    • CG Medical Officer that have attended Addiction Orientation For Health Care Providers (AOHCP) ,
    • Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist (SAPS) at major headquarters commands,
    • or military treatment facilities that offer substance abuse screenings.
    • E3-81
  74. Is a self referral considered an alcohol incident?
    • No
    • E3-83
  75. When a member is involved in a drug incident, what is their disposition (what will happen to them)?
    • Any member involved in a drug incident will be processed for separation from the Coast Guard. Enlisted members with less than eight years of service, except recruits, are separated by reason of misconduct. Members with more than 8 years, administrative discharge board.
    • E3-83
  76. Members who are diagnosed as drug or alcohol dependent must be offered treatment prior to separation as per what?
    • Congressional legislation of 1989
    • E3-83
  77. What are the 4 major personal stressors?
    • 1. Environmental
    • 2. Work-related
    • 3. Personal life
    • 4. Self-imposed
    • E3-89
  78. Your body’s initial response to stress is?
    • A chemical one
    • E3-88
  79. The first step in controlling stress is?
    • To recognize what causes it
    • E3-89
  80. What are the 6 distinct signs that someone might be thinking of suicide?
    • 1. A suicide threat or some other statement indication a desire or intention to die
    • 2. A previous suicide attempt
    • 3. Mental depression
    • 4. Marked changes
    • 5. Making arrangements as though for final departure
    • 6. Taking unnecessary risks
    • E3-91
  81. What percent of people that commit suicide have made attempts previously?
    • 80%
    • E3-92
  82. What does OSHA stand for?
    • Occupational Safety & Health Administration
    • E3-100
  83. What is HAZWOPER?
    • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
    • E3-92
  84. What color is a Danger Tag?
    • Red - Instruments will not correctively indicate parameters. Not to be used
    • (E3-106)
  85. What color is a Caution Tag?
    • Yellow - Temporary special instructions or to indicate unusual caution. Can be used
    • E3-106
  86. What color is an Out-of-Calibration tag?
    • Orange - Instruments that are out of calibration. Can operate component
    • (E3-107)
  87. Who can remove tags?
    • The person that installed it
    • (E3-123)
  88. What is the name of the area where the MSDSs are kept?
    • Right to Know Station
    • (E3-127)
  89. Why were the Terrorist Threat Levels developed?
    • To reduce uncertainty and misinterpretation at the operational level by clearly describing the terrorist threat
    • (E3-130)
  90. What are the 5 Terrorist Threat Levels?
    • Severe – red
    • High – orange
    • Elevated – yellow
    • Guarded – blue
    • Low – green
    • E3-131
  91. How many Bomb Threat conditions are there?
    • 3
    • (E3-136)
  92. Name the different Telephone Bomb Threat conditions.
    • Bomb Condition I, Bomb Condition II, Bomb Condition III
    • E3-137
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