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  1. Hazmat Class 1
  2. What is position #7 in swift water?
    Division/Group Supervisor
  3. PPV Does What?
    Pressurized air forces products of combustion out
  4. What does the 704 Placard with Red4, Blue3 tell you?
    • Extremely Flammable
    • Extremely Dangerous (Full PPE)
  5. HAZMAT is trained in Defensive _______
  6. Responding to clandestine drug lab fire with NO life safety considerations, what is your strategy?
  7. In a Single Family Structure Fire, what is the 3rd arriving engine assigned?
  8. What does 10-03 Stand for?
    Stop all communications
  9. PIIP Unit Staffing
    1 non probationary AFD firefighter
  10. How many annual Human Resource training hours are needed?
  11. City pays what part of health benefits?
  12. Longevity Pay for 11-15 years?
  13. Firefighters who get laid off have the right to be rehired before new firefighters can be hired. T or F?
  14. On City/County Jurisdiction boundary, to conserve your battery, what channel do you switch to?
  15. Who does Alarm Room NOT contact on a major medical event?
  16. What is SKE used for?
  17. Excessive Sick Leave usage for 56 Hour Work Week
  18. Internet Usage Policy
    Can't post to web blog
  19. What is false about email policy?
    Cant be held responsible for someone else using your email
  20. Max duration for light duty?
    45 calendar days
  21. Which is not part of sexual harassment?
    intention of harassment
  22. Only approved reason  for taking pictures on scene?
    Documentation and training
  23. Which is NOT allowed while posting on social media on behalf of the department?
    Medical Incident Information
  24. If your supervisor is threatening another employee, who do you report it to?
    Next immediate supervisor (chain of command)
  25. How to call off sick
    Call BC
  26. punishment for 1st occurence of AWOL in a 12 month period
    3 day suspension
  27. Who do your supply your intent to bid to?
    DC Human Resources
  28. Radio logs have to entered by what times?
    10:00 ad 20:00
  29. Nighttime turnout for EMS calls
    105 Seconds
  30. TTW must be entered how long before the shift?
    2 hours
  31. What are approved for exemptions for 720 hour trade limit?
    Prolonged Injury, Higher Education, extension of approved leave
  32. where do you submit glove orders
  33. For a subpoena, who do you notify?
    Fire Chief
  34. Which is not true according to the fleet management SOG?
    Unscheduled repairs are ONLY for emergency situations
  35. Cell phone use is approved for use in which AFD vehicles?
    Sedans with 'Hand Free Device'
  36. What is approved according to the uniform policy?
    Hair on women 7" below the bottom of their collar
  37. Which unit is NOT dispatched on a first alarm medical?
  38. According to the Exposure control plan, which is most important to prevent transmission of disease?
    Washing hands
  39. Who delivers BIO-Hazard signage
    EMS division
  40. Who do you suggest protocol improvements to?
    EMS Division Commander
  41. What is true regarding EPCR?
    Must be complete in 24 hours
  42. Where do you refer citizens to dispose of narcotic pills?
    MFSC Crime Lab
  43. What is the only thing MFSC accepts to dispose of?
    Narcotic Pills
  44. Arson Investigator is not required on what calls?
    Traffic accident fatalities involving fire subsequent to collision.
  45. Greatest damage to evidence occurs when?
  46. Which is NOT a standard Engine Operation?
    Utility Control
  47. Which is NOT in the attributes of reading smoke?
  48. Which is true about bay door policy?
    Wireless Openers are strictly Prohibited!
  49. Where are ladder company skills NOT required?
    Floor below the fire
  50. When should an Engine company catch their own 5" supply?
    Fire showing with NO rescue profile
  51. When do you NOT need to issue a MAYDAY?
    low air level alarm working to an exit
  52. Where does the 3rd line go on a multistory fire in an open garage
    Back up units going to upper floors
  53. Ignition Temp of Natural Gas?
    1000 Degrees F (flammable range is 4-14%)
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