that's english modulo 6 unit 6-polite

  1. análisis del leguaje corporal
    body language analysis
  2. señales no verbales que transmitimos
    the non-verbal signals that we give.

    These include our gestures, voice, and our physical proximity to other people.
  3. consejos sobre la mejor manera de
    • organizations like mine offer advice
    • to businesses on how best to ‘read’ a person’s body language.
  4. mirar a los ojos
    • his candidate is not very confident.
    • He’s not looking the interviewer directly in the eye,
  5. sentarse recto
    he’s not sitting up straight.
  6. hacerle parecer
    He’s using his hands far too much, which makes him look nervous and stressed.
  7. inclinada hacia atras
    She's also leaning  backwards, suggesting that she’s not really interested in what the candidate has to say.

    • leaning   inclinado
    • backwards hacia atrás
  8. tienen una relación mas intima
    they are in a much closer relationship.
  9. texto
    when talking to someone, listen to them and make them feel like they are the only person in the room. So look them directly in the eyes and not around the room. And copy the other person’s body language - it makes them feel more comfortable with you.
  10. texto empezar hablar de
    There’s a couple of things in Canada that are considered very rude, first one would be the middle finger, that would be very rude. Er, the second thing that’s very rude in Canada is to pick your nose.
  11. saludar; recibir;  presentarse a
    • greet[griːt] 
    • we wave to say hello, we shake hands
    • when we greet someone.
  12. expresiones que se usan en los bares
    • Excuse me, do you mind if I join you? No. Please do.
    • can i get you drink? ( puedo invitarle a una copa)
    • thanks, that’s very kind of you
    • How much is that?
    • Could I have half a pint of bitter please?
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that's english modulo 6 unit 6-polite
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