CH 17 Hairstyling

  1. Which pin curls ar in standing position?
    cascade curls
  2. the point where curls of opposite irections meet, forming a recessed area
  3. These kind of rollers are used only on dry hair. Using them on wet hair will snag and pull the hair,
    Velcro Rollers
  4. Styling technique used to keep curly hair smooth and straight while retaining a beautiful shape
    Hair wrapping
  5. the technique of drying and styling damp hair in one operation and it has revolutionized the haristyling world
    blowdry styling
  6. nozzle attatchment that is a directional feauture that creates a concentrated stream of air
  7. brush in which little volume is desired
    classic styling brush
  8. brushed tha add polish and shine; mixture of bristles
    boar and nylon
  9. you look at an updo from different angles bc you are looking for ____ & _____
    balance and proportion
  10. it is created out of a simple ponytail and can be dressed up with flowers or ornaments or kept simple
  11. ______ removes 50%-60% of the curl
    soft press
  12. Good pressing comb consists of _____ ____ or ______
    stainless steel or brass
  13. closely spaced teeth/ less pressing space is...
    smooth press
  14. it is a good idea to _____ a new brass pressing comb so that it will hold heat evenly along its entire length and provide consistent results
  15. temper
  16. After heating the comb, test it on...
    piece of light paper
  17. What is the solution to remove carbon from a comb
    hot baking soda
  18. skin rash & _______ are injuries involved when pressing
  19. don't use too much pressure/heat on ___ _____
    gray hair
  20. A professional ________ is responsible for informing clients about home maintence and products
  21. the process of shaping and direcing hair into a S pattern through the use of the fingers, combs,and finger-waving lotion
    finger waving
  22. ___ _____ serve as the basis for patterns, lines, waves, curls, and rolls that are used in a wide range of hairstyles
    pin curls
  23. is the section of the pin curl b/t the base and first arc(turn)
  24. is placed idrectly on the base of the curl. It produces a tight, firm, long-lasting curl
    no-stem curl
  25. allows for greatest mobiltiy. curl is palces completely off the base
    full-stem curl
  26. most widely used hairstyling product
    hair spray
  27. also known as marcel waving; methods of waving and curling straight or pressed dry hair
  28. side of the flat iron nearest to the stylist
    inner edge
  29. good curl for one length hair
    spiral curl
  30. these curls creat maximum lift and volume
    volume-base curls
  31. full base curls are held at what angle
    125 degree
  32. curls that are place completely off their base and offer a curl option with only slight life or volume
    off-base curl
  33. thermal hair straightening; straightens extremely curly or resistant hair by means of a heated iron or comb
    (hair) pressing
  34. molding the hair in a circular motion
  35. produce even, smooth waves and uniform curls
    open-center curls
  36. used to describe direction of pin curls
  37. what shape base pin curls are usually recommended at the side fornt hairline for a smooth, upswept effect
  38. what shape base pin curls are recommended along the fornt of facial hairline to prevent breaks or splits in the finished hairstyle
  39. technique that involves forcing hte hair betweent he thumb and the back of the comb to create tension
  40. Ridge curls are pin curls place immediately behind or beow a ridge to form a _____
  41. _____ _____ have large center openings and are fastened to the head in a standing position on a rectangular base. Same effect as stand-up pin curls
    barrel curls
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