1. Chapter <795>
    regualtions from USP/NF pertaining to the nonsterile compounding of formulation
  2. Chapter <797>
    regulations from USP/NF pertaining to the sterile compounding of formulations
  3. Formulation record
    Formulas and procedures for what should happen when a formulation is compounded
  4. Compounding record
    a record of what actually happened when the formulation was compounded
  5. Stability
    the chemical and physical integrity of the dosage form and when appropriate, its ability to withstand microbiological contaminations
  6. aliquot
    portion of a mixture
  7. calibrate
    to set, mark, or check the graduate of a measuring device
  8. sensitivity
    the amount of weight that will move the balance pointer one division mark on the marker plate
  9. trituration
    the process of grinding powders to reduce particle size
  10. arrest knob
    the knob on a balance that prevents any movement of the balance pans
  11. volumetric
    measures volume. Volumetric vessels are either TD (to deliver) or TC (to contain)
  12. Meniscus
    the curved surface of a column of liquid
  13. Geometric dilution
    a technique for mixing two powders of unequal quantity
  14. Spatulation
    mixing powders with a spatula
  15. Levigation
    triturating a powder drug with a solvent in which it is insoluble to reduce its particle size
  16. Sonication
    exposure to high frequency sound waves
  17. Flocculating agent
    electrolytes used in the preparation of suspensions to form particles that can be easily redispersed
  18. Thickening agent
    an ingredient used in the preparation of suspensions to increase the viscosity of the liquid
  19. immiscible
    cannot be mixed
  20. emulisfier
    a stabilizing agent in emulsions
  21. water in oil emulsions
    an emulsion in which water is dispersed through an oil base
  22. oil in water emulsion
    an emulsion in which iol is dispersed through a water base
  23. hydrophilic emulsifier
    a stabilizing agent for water based dispersion mediums
  24. lipophilic emulsifier
    a stabilizing agent for oil based diespersion mediums
  25. primary emulsion
    the initial emulsion to which ingredients are added to create the final product
  26. mucilage
    a wet, slimy liquid formed as an initial step in the wet gum method
  27. miscible
    capable of being mixed together
  28. Compression molding
    a method of making suppositories in which the ingredients are compressed in a mold
  29. Fusion molding
    a suppository preparation method in which the active ingredients are dispersed or dissolved in a melted suppository base
  30. punch method
    a method for filing capsules by repeatedly pushing or "punching" the capsulein into an amount of drug powder
  31. Finger cots
    protective covering for fingers
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