Routes and Formulation

  1. Local effect
    when a drug activity is at the site of administration
  2. Systematic effect
    when a drug is introduced into the venous system and carried to the site of activity
  3. Disintegration
    the breaking apart of a tablet into smaller pieces
  4. Dissolution
    when the smaller pieces of a disintegrated tablet dissolve insolution
  5. Water Soluble
    the property of a substance being able to dissolve in water
  6. Sublingual
    under the tongue
  7. Buccal
    pouch between the teeth and cheek in the mouth
  8. Hemorrhoid
    painful swollen veins in the anan/rectal area, generally caused by strained bowel movements from hard stools
  9. Sterile
    a sterile condition is one which is free of al microorganisms, both harmful and harmless
  10. Buffer system
    ingredients in a formulation designed to control the pH
  11. Necrosis
    increase in cell death
  12. aqueous
    water based
  13. syringeability
    the ease with which a suspension can be drawn from a container into a syringe
  14. injectability
    the ease of flow when a suspensionis injected into a patient
  15. Depot
    the area in the muscle where the formulation is injected during an intramuscular injection
  16. colloids
    particles up to a hundred times smaller than those in suspension that are, however, likewise suspended in a solution.
  17. viscosity
    the thickness of a liquid. a measure of a liquid's resistance to flow.
  18. Biocompatibility
    not irritating; does not promote infection or abscess
  19. wheal
    a raised blister-like area on the skin caused by an intradermal injection
  20. ophthalmic
    related to the eye
  21. lacrimal gland
    the gland that produces tear for the eye
  22. lacrimal canalicula
    the tear ducts
  23. conjunctiva
    the eyelid lining
  24. transcorneal transport
    drug transfer into the eye
  25. Nasal Mucosa
    the cellular lining of the nose
  26. nasal inhaler
    a device which contains a drug that is vaporized by inhalation
  27. nasal cavity
    the cavity behind the nose and above the roof of the mouth that filters air and moves mucous and inhaled contaminants outward and away from the lungs
  28. Alveolar Sacs (alveoli)
    the small sacs of specialized tissue that transfer oxygen out od inspired air into the blood abd into the air for exhalation
  29. inspiration
    breathing in
  30. Percutaneous absorption
    the absorption of drugs through the skin, often for a systematic effect
  31. Stratum corneum
    the outermost cell layer of the epidermis
  32. hydrates
    absorbs water
  33. Intrauterine device (IUD)
    an intrauterine contraceptiv device that is placed in the uterus for a prolonged period of time
  34. Contraceptive
    device for formulation designed to prevent pregnancy
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