1. Insecticide Act of 1910
    The first significant federal effort to regulate companies that manufacture pesticides passed by US Congress
  2. what did the Insecticide Act of 1910 require of pesticide products?
    that they conform to the statements printed on their labels
  3. FIFRA
    • Federal Insecticide Fungicide Rodenticide Act
    • means of regulating rapidly evolving industry enacted by congress in 1947
  4. What did FIFRA require
    • that USDA to register all pesticides distributed via interstate commerce, but registration was a formality and USDA had little enforcement power
    • EPA in 1970 federal government transferred administrative power for FIFRA from USDA to the new EPA
  5. Pesticides used in the US must be registered with
  6. legal document requiring applicator to follow all directions
    The pesticide label
  7. Pesticides must be classified for either general use or restricted use. what is restricted use?
    restricted use pesticides may be applied only by, or under the direct supervision of, a certified applicator
  8. each state should have a compliance law administered by a state pesticide regulatory agency that parallels ________
  9. each state pesticide regulatory agency must have an applicator certification program meeting at least the minimum standars established by __________
  10. The legislative events of the early 70s signaled shift in federal policy focus moved away from regulation for purposes of assuring product efficacy to _________
    reducing risk to man and environment
  11. primary emphasis of FIFRA
    pesticide registration
  12. certified applicator is
    individual who has demonstrated the competency necessary to manage the use of pesticide products so as to minimize associated risks.
  13. When does FIFRA consider a pesticide a general use material
    when the product used in accordance with label directions is no expected to have adverse effects on man or environment.. can be bought OTC
  14. responsible for pesticide regulation and enforcement in Indiana
    OISC, office of the Indiana state chemist
  15. OISC first authorized to enforce Indiana pesticide laws under ____________
    the 1971 pesticide act
  16. the 2 Indiana laws in which pesticide registration and certification and licensing are fully addressed
    • Indiana pesticide use and application law
    • Indiana pesticide registration law
  17. Indiana recognizes 2 types of pesticide applicators
    private and commercial
  18. certified private applicators are issued a permit valid for
    5 years
  19. private applicators cannot
    apply pesticides to property of others, only their own property
  20. commercial applicator is 2 step process -
    • take core and one category exam.
    • exception is wood destroying insects
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