BBQA Teamwork

  1. true or false
    Quality is the same as compliance
  2. _________ is about doing what is required, meeting the minimum requirements.
  3. Quality includes putting effort into _________.
  4. this works best when people share ownership, otherwise things fall through the cracks.
  5. this is a concrete, realistic statement of how NMCSD intends to implement and monitor QA and current GMP.
    QA plan
  6. biohazard safety falls into what QA system.
    System A- quality assurance program
  7. this QA system includes:
    organizational issues
    personnel selection/training/education
    supplier qualification
    Process control
    label control
    incident/error/accident review
    internal assessment
    process improvement
    product recalls
    biohazard safety
    System A-quality assurance program
  8. this QA system includes:
    Data entry
    Software Development
    Change control
    System B- Information Management
  9. which QA system includes:
    Reagent/supply preparation
    Testing process
    Confirmatory Testing
    System C- Donor and Patient Testing
  10. what QA system includes recipient ID?
    System D- Compatibility and Type and Screen Testing
  11. what QA system includes specimen collection.
    System D- Compatibility and Type and Screen Testing
  12. what QA system includes Donor ABO/Rh verification?
    System D- Compatibility and Type and Screen Testing
  13. what QA system includes:
    Request form
    Recipient ID
    Specimen collection
    Donor ABO/Rh verification
    Patient pre-transfusion compatibility testing
    Supervisory notification of problems in providing blood
    System D- compatibility and Type and Screen Testing
  14. what QA system includes Recipient ID prior to transfusion.
    System E- Blood Administration
  15. what QA system includes
    dispensing blood components for transfusion
    Recipient ID prior to transfusion
    Blood component administration
    Appropriate blood component usage
    System E- Blood administration
  16. what QA system includes detection and recognition of acute adverse effects?
    System F- Investigation of adeverse effects
  17. what QA system includes:
    Detection and recognition of acute adverse effects
    Investigation of acute adverse effects
    Investigation of delayed effects
    investigation of suspected transfusion transmitted disease
    System F- Investigation of Adverse Effects
  18. what QA system includes:
    Result review
    Component lable verification
    System G- Review and Labeling
  19. what QA system includes:
    Quarantine process
    Component storage
    Discard/Destruction process
    System H-Storage and Distribution
  20. what QA system includes:
    blood components intended for transfusion
    Blood components intended for further manufacturing
    components modification
    System I- Component processing
  21. what QA system includes Identification of donor and labeling of materials?
    System J-blood collection
  22. what QA system includes:
    identification of donor and labeling of materials
    donor exceptions
    System J-blood collection
  23. what QA system includes:
    request form (physicians request)
    patient acceptance and screening
    ID of patient and collection of unit
    Medical review
    System K-therapeutic phelbotomy
  24. this form is used for therapeutic phelbotomy and indicates "not for transfusion"
  25. what QA system includes:
    request form
    donor screening and acceptance
    ID of donor and labeling material
    Testing and component processing
    handling and labeling autologous units
    Release of autologous unit for transfusion
    medical review
    System L- autologous blood
  26. what QA system indicates:
    Pre-donation event
    Donor registration
    Donor screening and accpetance
    Donor deferral registry
    donor deferral notification process
    allogenic donor suitability
  27. what QA system includes:
    instrument set-up
    donor registration and creening interview
    donor deferral registry
    medical review and donor deferral notification process
    apheresis procedure
    procedural problems
    quality control
    System N- apheresis
  28. this is the performance of a systematic investigation to confirm or negate that established, approved policies and SOPs are being properly implemented.
  29. what are the two types of audits?
    • internal
    • external
  30. true or false
    audits are scheduled and use a checklist.
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