Filoviruses Part 1

  1. Background of Marburg Virus
    • In 1967, 3 lab workers became ill after processing monkey organs in Marburg, Germany. 
    • 3 got a severe fever--> led to a small localized outbreak, 32 people caught it, and 7 died
  2. Relation of ebola and marburg
    in the same family

    ebola is also pretty closely related to rabies, measles, and mumps, as well as a distantly related flu virus
  3. Capsid of filviruses
    Diameter determined by nucleocapsid and structure

    filamentous envelope particles and a helical nucleocapsid
  4. Genome of filovirus
    linear, ssRNA, negative sense, one segment

    seven genes transcribed by viral RNA pol

    One gene makes one RNA, which makes one single protein
  5. Genes and protins
    Most proteins are packaged in the virion

    • Nucleocapsid (NP)
    • RNA polymerase cofactor (VP35)
    • Matrix protein (VP 40)
    • Envelope glycoproteins (GP, cleavd into GP1 and GP2)
    • Minor nucleocapsid protein (VP30)
    • Membrane protein (VP24)
    • RNA polymerase (L)

    Ebola makes additional secreted glycoproteins (sGP)
  6. Virion of the virus
    the genome is not infectious by itself because it is negative sense
  7. Viruses and hosts?

    These viruses are __. The outbreak pattern is probably from __ .
    Two genera

    Marburg has one species

    Ebola has five species


    fruit bats to primates
  8. Infections with __ and __ viruses cause __.

    Major symptoms are __, __, __, __, and __. 

    Lethality can be __. 


    Local outbreaks are often followed by __.
    Marburg and Ebola viruses; severe hemorrhagic fever

    fever, hemorrhages, liver dysfunction, intravascular coagulation, and shock

    high (up to 90%)

    no treatment or licensed vaccine 

    lengthy absence of disease
  9. Marburg and EBola viruses are __
    sporadically emerging viruses that cause severe often fatal disease
  10. OUtbreak of Marburg?
    first outbreak of Marburg virus was in Marburg and Germany in 1967
  11. Outbreak of Ebola
    first outbreak in Zaire and Sudan in 1976
  12. Filoviruses are related to __ and __. 

    They cause __.
    paramyxoviruses and rhabdoviruses

    hemorrhagic fever
  13. __ is the only filovirus that has not been associated with human disease.
    Reston ebolavirus
  14. Filovirus genomes contain __ in a __. 

    All genes are flanked by __ that signal __, __, and __.
    seven genes

    conserved order

    • conserved sequences
    • termination, polyadenylation, and reinitiation
  15. There are similarities to other mononegaviruses, such as the __. 

    the __ is at the very end. 

    There is a similar method of trascription, where __; and, each time, at the end of the gene, the polymerase __ so that you get more products of the proteins at the __ and
    • NP protien
    • polymerase
    • single entry down at the 3'
    • falls off
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