non lethal 3

  1. what does OC cause
  2. does oleoresin occur naturally in plants?
  3. the amount of what compounds determine the pungency of the pepper?
  4. what is the active ingredient in OC?
  5. what is the most prevalent of the 7 compounds found within the capsaicinoids?
  6. how many stages does OC go through before being distributed?
  7. what MARADMIN covers the requirements for OC and what percentage can they be?
    • 458/08
    • .18-.22
    • non flammable non carcinogenic
  8. what are the different spray patterns?
    • fog
    • stream
    • foam
  9. what is the min spray distance for OC?
    36 inches
  10. what is the effective range for fog?
    3-8 feet
  11. what is the effective range of the stream?
    3-12 feet
  12. what is an effective range of foam?
    3-5 feet
  13. what is the method of delivery for OC?
    the different patterns to spray people
  14. what method of delivery is used for fog?
    up and down
  15. what method of delivery is used for stream?
    side to side
  16. what method of delivery is used for foam?
  17. how far does a mk-9 in stream and fog reach?
    6-15 feet
  18. what is the min spray distance for the mk-9?
    6 feet
  19. how far does a mk-9 in foam reach?
    6-9 feet
  20. how far does a k046 reach?
    12-30 feet
  21. what is the min spray distance for the mk-46?
    12 feet
  22. what is the hydraulic needle effect?
    OC particulate penetrating the soft tissue of the eye from being sprayed too close
  23. what are secondary targets for OC?
    • nose
    • mouth
  24. what is level 1 oc defined as?
    direct contact
  25. what is level 2 oc?
    indirect or secondary contact
  26. what is level 3 oc?
    area contamination
  27. how do you grip the mk4?
    c grip
  28. what is CN?
  29. what is CS?
  30. what does the nozzle do?
    determine spray pattern
  31. where do you spray a mk 46?
    above heads
  32. what does HEMI stand for?
    human electro muscular incapacitator device
  33. where do you aim NLW?
    center of Mass
  34. how many volt from an m26?
  35. how many volts from x26?
  36. NMI systems effect both the?
    sensory and motor nerves
  37. stun systems effect what system?
    sensory nervous system
  38. what are the dangerous ones, volts or amps?
  39. where must the energy flow for the x26?
    between the probe
  40. how long can the dpm be removed before a chance of corruption?
    4 hours
  41. what is the mag called for the p model?
    power performance mag
  42. what is the shelf life of a dpm?
    10 years
  43. what does the x26p use to monitor the output?
    silicon controlled rectifier
  44. what is a major fault? can it still be used?
    light later doesn't work. can still be used.
  45. what is a critical fault?  can it be used?
    software issue. cannot be used
  46. what is evidence sync for?
    syncs to computer
  47. what is used for?
    store your data
  48. how many feet of spread per 7 feet?
  49. taser is effective from point blank to?
    air cartridge dependent.
  50. a completed what must be done before training?
  51. what is a solid yellow door?
    live 15 foot
  52. what is silver blast doors?
    live 21 foot
  53. what are green blast doors?
    live 25 foot heavier probs
  54. blue cartirdge?
    live simulation cartirdge 21 foot non conductive lines
  55. orange blast doors
    35 foot heavier probs
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