IB Bent over rows LL quiz

  1. Primary movers of BSQ
    • -quadriceps
    • -hamstrings
    • -gluteus maximus
  2. what kind of grip is used
    overhand grip, 2/3 inches away from shoulders
  3. what is the starting position of BSQ
    • -standing with the bar about an inch or so down on the trapezius muscles. get the bar far down off the neck so you can be as upright as possible 
    • -feet about shoulder width apart, toes slightly forward
    • -eyes straight ahead
  4. movement of BSQ
    -mover goes down about at least 3/4 of the way to where the thighs are parallel to the floor. (power squat) if lower, (full squat)
  5. primary movers of leg lunges
    • gluteus maximus
    • hamstrings 
    • quadriceps
  6. movement of leg lunges
    • eyes straight ahead 
    • alternate legs 
    • lead steps is heal to toe forward, tow to heel roll backward
  7. area being worked for PP
    shoulder girdle and back strength
  8. what is the training emphasis of PP
    • training of the dip and drive needed for the jerk
    • develops mid and upper back muscles and shoulder girdle muscles while holding bar overhead in the jerked position
  9. what is taught before the push press?
    the press
  10. what is the finished position of the PP
    holding back overhead in jerk position
  11. BOR area of exercise, what are primary muscles developed?
    -back area

    • -arm flexor muscles 
    • -humeral extensor muscles 
    • -scapular adduction muscles 
    • -outward rotation muscles
  12. starting position of BOR
    with barbell, on floor in front of lifter. Bent at knees and waist, back parallel to floor with a wide stance. head is up with eyes forward
  13. grip of BOR
    overhand wraparound grip, usually wide... wider, more lats
  14. movement of BOR
    pull barbell to about 1 or 2 inches below xiphoid process, return to floor with control
  15. key teaching points of BOR
    • -keep flexed athletic position
    • -head up and eyes forward to keep back from rounding 
    • -dumbell: work in felt in outer back 
    • -barbell: work is felt in inner back
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