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  1. Contributions of Plato
    believe government should be fair
  2. Contributions of Hippocrates
    wrote medical code of good behavior with science
  3. Contributions of Socrates
    socratic method of teaching
  4. Contributions of Alexander the Great
    conquered most of the known world at the time
  5. Define specialization
    a community get really good at making or producing something. usually based on natural resources
  6. What is culture diffusion
    2 culture come together and share ideas. usually not knowing its happening
  7. What human activities encouraged cultural diffusion
    war, trade, religon
  8. Direct Democracy
    ppl decide on policy initiatives directly
  9. Representative Democracy
    variety of democracy founded on the principles of direct democracy
  10. Absolute Monarchy
    king or queen has all power
  11. Constitutional Monarchy
    ppl in the kingdom had rights the king/queen cant over power
  12. Dictatorship
    government by a dictator
  13. Legicies of greece
    • education
    • medicine and doctors
    • art and sculpture
    • math
    • language
    • architecture
  14. what is the twelve tables
    laws that let them know what they could and couldn't do
  15. legions (rome)
    small part of an army
  16. military strengths (rome )
    very strong, conquered all of Europe and most of northern africa
  17. legacies of rome
    • spread of christianity
    • art
    • achitecture
    • literature
    • concrete
    • calendar
  18. describe the conditions after the fall of rome that led to feudalism
    • danger
    • fighting
    • chaos
    • vikings attacked
    • peasants needed protection^
  19. purpose of castles
  20. ended castles
    gun powder
  21. relationship between a lord and vassal
    • lord gave vassal land
    • vassal offered lord military service
  22. Magna Carta
    • signed by king john in 1215
    • everybody, including the king, was a subject to law
  23. purpose of crusades
    win back holy land from muslims
  24. Joan of Arc
    a peasant girl that believe god told her to lead France to victory with england (100 year war)
  25. knight
    fight for lord, gaurded castle
  26. everyday life resolved around the ______. (medieval times)
  27. pilgrim
    person who journey's to a sacred place for religious resons
  28. gothic cathedral
    • stained glass
    • large windows
    • pointed arches
    • flying buttresses
    • transept and nave
  29. romanesque cathedral
    • thick walls
    • buttresses
    • small windows
    • arches/openings
    • groin vault
  30. Judaism (holy book)
  31. Judaism (place of worship)
  32. islam holy book
  33. renaissance
    rebirth of intrest in art and learning from the time of greece and rome
  34. characteristics of renaissance art
    • 3-D
    • shadowing
    • feeling
    • emotion
  35. islam place of worship
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