Pharmacy and Medical Abbreviations (Abbrev.)

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  1. aa
    equal amount of each ingredient
  2. ac
    before eating or meals
  3. ad
    enough to make some final amount
  4. c
    with (also with line above c)
  5. dtd, DTD
    dispense this number of dosages (capsules, suppositories, etc.)
  6. M ft
    mix and make
  7. pc
    after eating or meals
  8. qs
    a sufficient quantity or amount(to make something)
  9. qs ad
    enough to make a final amount
  10. Rx
    • prescription, medication order
    • “R-take, x-a recipe”
  11. s
    without (also with line above s)
  12. sa
    secundum artem, according to pharmacy art (and science)
  13. ss
    one-half, or one-half of a ---
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