1. This culture uses few words and the majority of messages are nonverbal.
  2. Drug tolerance to a frequently repeated administration of a certain drug
  3. Drugs with a low therapeutic index have a narrow margin of safety and should be closely monitored. An
    example is digoxin.
    A high therapeutic index drug has a wide margin of safetyand carries less risk of toxicity.
  4. Definition for the time required after absorption for ½ of the drug to be eliminated.
    half life
  5. Type of data received from the patient
  6. Primary site of metabolism
  7. Skin reaction caused by exposure to sunlight. i.e. tetracycline, sulfanomide.
  8. Drugs that are absorbed readily across the GI membrane are these types of drugs
    lipid soluble
  9. Highest plasma concentration of a drug at a specific time
  10. Lowest plasma concentration of a drug
  11. Physiologic effects not related to desired drug effects that are more serious than side effects
    adverse reactions
  12. Physiologic effects which can be predicted or associated with the use of a drug are called this
    side effects
  13. This is the most potent of the abused stimulants. It can cause increased heart rate and blood pressure, dysrhythmias and seizures
  14. This form of medication is the most rapidly absorbed from the GI tract
  15. When two or more drugs are given together, one drug can potentiate the other drug
    synergistic effect
  16. Abbreviation for the current authoritative source for drug standards, revised every five years
    USP NF: United States Pharmacopia National Formulary
  17. An altered of modified action or effect of a drug
  18. ________usually decreases drug dissolution and absorption
  19. What route ensures the greatest bioavailability?
  20. Process of drug movement to achieve drug action
  21. _____ is the most widely consumed substance of abuse in the US.
    alcohol. Type of encephalopathy occurs in alcohol abusers. S/s include inflammation, hemorrhage,degeneration, resulting from a deficiency in thiamine - Wernicke’s. Wernicke’s may lead to Korsakoff’s psychosis, a form of amnesia with short term memoryloss and inability to learn. Sudden withdrawal may have life threatening effects. Four signs of withdrawal: gross tremors, seizures, hallucinations,alcohol withdrawal delirium
  22. You should read the drug label _____ times to avoid drug errors.
  23. Effect of a drug action that varies from a predicted drug response because of genetic factors or heredity influences
  24. A large initial dose of a medication is known as a
    loading dose
  25. Abbreviation for drugs that can be purchased without a Rx
  26. This name is also know as proprietary and is chosen by the drug company and is usually registered trademark
    trade name
  27. Omission, omitting a drug dose that results in patient death
  28. Negligence, giving the wrong drug or dose that results in patient death
  29. Psychologic benefit from a compound that may not have the chemical structure of a drug effect
  30. Type of data received through assessment, lab results or other testing
  31. This type of Americans should not take angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors or beta blockers
    african americans
  32. The most accurate test to determine renal function
    creatinine clearance test. CC test kidney function,glomular filtration. Creatinine is a metabolic byproduct of muscle.
  33. Major site of drug elimination
  34. This categories of drugs have a high potential for drug abuse. It is accepted for medical use
    schedule II
  35. This is the most widely consumed substance of abuse in the US and is classified a depressant
  36. When two drugs with similar action are administered, the drug interaction is called
  37. Giving the correct drug, but by the wrong route that results in patient death
  38. The nurse should practice this number of rights to ensure safe drug administration
  39. Drugs that enhance a response are known as
  40. This effect occurs when the drug is metabolized or excreted more slowly than the rate at which it is being administered
  41. FDA pregnancy categories that is safe to give to pregnant woman
    A & B
  42. Process by which the drug becomes available to body fluids and body tissues
  43. Chemical or physical reaction that occurs among two or more drugs invitro
  44. Term used for a med that is to be given as needed
  45. FDA category that indicated a risk to human fetus and
    should be avoided during pregnancy
    Category X
  46. The ability of a patient to respond to a particular drug may diminish after days or weeks of repeated administration
  47. This name describes the drug’s structure
    chemical name
  48. Drugs that block a response are known as
  49. Abbreviation for meds to be given immediately
  50. This name is the official or nonproprietary name for a drug
  51. disintegration and dissolution of the drug. Can be rate limiting.
  52. four processes (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion) of drug movement to achieve drug action.
  53. drug bound to a protein, most common is albumin. Only drugs unbound to protein are free active agents and enter body tissues.
    protein binding
  54. effect of drug action on cells. Can be stimulant or depressant, replacement, inhibition or killing of organisms (antibiotics), irritation (laxatives).
  55. toxic effect as a result of drug dose or therapy.
  56. how much drug is available for body to utilize. Only free drugs are active and can cause a response. Low albumin = few protein sites to bind to. Route, solution, food, other drugs, liver metabolism can affect availability.
  57. Most drugs are primarily absorbed where
    small intestine
  58. When gastric ph is ______, a weak acidic drug like aspirin is less ionized and more rapidly absorbed.
    decreased. Drugs that increase the ph of gastric juices decrease absorption of weak acid drugs. Antacids raise the gastric ph and block/slow absorption.
  59. Morphine antidote is
  60. _____ most widely used psychoactive drug
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