Vocabulary 1

  1. Rife

    "Violence is rife in many areas in Mosul, Iraq."
  2. Buttress

    " I built a buttress for the garage overhang."
    Support or prop; brace; reinforce

    "I am going to read the policy and refute what I was told."
    Prove wrong
  4. Absolve

    "I absolved him after the mistake he made."
  5. Paltry

    "Compared to what KBR get paid, our Army salaries are pretty paltry."
    ridiculously or insultingly small; utterly worthless
  6. Penurious

    "The country of Iraq is a very penurious place."
  7. Temerity

    "Some Soldiers drive their M-Rap's with needless temerity during the rainy season."
  8. Trepidation

    "After the roll-over accident, the drivers trepidation was very apparent."
    Trembling; quivering
  9. Pellucid

    "The koi pond is pellucid sometimes."
    Transparently clear
  10. Rancid

    "The bagels in the chow hall are always rancid."
  11. Tranquil

    "The bady sleeps so tranquil."
  12. Atrophy

    "When a body part is affected by paralysis, the muscles may atrophy through lack of use."
    Wasted away or withered; decay
  13. Invigorated

    "I am invigorated after a Red Bull."
  14. Trite

    "The NCOER's that were written were trite and unacceptable."
    Made a common place by overuse; dull; unoriginal
  15. Vacuous

    "The FOB is becoming vacuous because of the draw down."
    Empty; Lacking ideas or intelligence
  16. Inane

    "Zombieland was a rediculious inane movie."
  17. Succinct

    "I'm trying to make these flashcards as succint as I can."
    Concise; brief, using few words, to the point
  18. Laconic

    "I told the Commander to make his comments laconic so the ceremony would be brief."
    Brief in speech or writing
  19. Sonorous

    "My surround sound speakers make a sonorous entertainment center."
    Loud, deep, rich and full in sound
  20. Voluble

    "The president is a very voluble person."
    Fluent; talkative; Garrulous
  21. Diminution

    "The diminution of US Forces has begun."
    The act, fact or process of diminishing; lessening; reduction
  22. Proliferation

    "The USF is concerned with the proliferation of violence in the city of Mosul."
    A rapid and often excessive spread or increase
  23. Paucity

    "Iraq is a country with a paucity of quality security forces."
    Smallness or insufficiently of number; fewness; scarcity
  24. Regale

    "We were regaled with the incredible war stories."
    To entertain lavishly
  25. Choleric

    "Because I'm not a morning person, I can be very choleric until I wake up."
    Extremely irratable or easily angered
  26. Absolution

    "He asked for absolution for the mistakes he made."
    Forgiveness; pardon; release
  27. Blatant

    "It was blatantly obvious that he didn't care aboutr the situation."
    Obvious; unmistakable; undeniable
  28. Ensconce

    "He ensconced himself in the closet in order to easesdrop."
    To settle securely or snugly; establish firmly in a position
  29. Hasten

    "The Commander always says don't hasten to fail."
    Hurry; accelerate; rush
  30. Obdurate

    "I am obdurate when it comes to excuse of why the standard wasn't met."
    unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings; stubborn
  31. Plausible

    "It was plausible when he told me what happened."
    Can be believed; reasonable
  32. Reprieve

    "The death row convict was given a reprieve from the Governor."
    To delay the impending punishment or sentence of a condemned person
  33. Tawdry

    "The hoggie movies are all mostly tawdry."
    of little value; cheap
  34. Abstain

    "I am trying to abstain from eating to many sweets."
    Desist; go without; withdraw
  35. Blighted

    "The city was blighted after the attack."
    Damaged; destroyed; ruined
  36. Credulous

    "We have Soldiers that are so credulous."
    Gullible; ready to believe anything
  37. Enshroud

    "I enshrouded my food so it would get dirt on it."
  38. Haughtiness

    "People don't like Kobe Bryant because of his haughtiness."
    Arrogance; pride
  39. Lachrymose

    "I was lachrymose the day I left my family to go to Iraq."
    Tearful; sad
  40. Obfuscate

    "Soldiers often think that orders are obfuscate and made to make things worse."
    Deliberately make something difficult to understand
  41. Obfuscate

    "Soldiers often think that orders are obfuscate and made to make things worse."
    an excess
  42. Repudiate

    "I repudiate all negativety around me."
    shun; eschew
  43. Tedium

    "These last few days here in Iraq is very tedium."
  44. Abstemious

    "Those Soldier's abstemious diet is not providing asufficient amount of proper nutrition."
    self denying; sparring; moderate in eating or drinking
  45. Blithe

    The kid had a blithe attitude dispite his circumstances.
    Free-spirted; carefree
  46. Crepuscular

    "Some smaller animals must stay crepuscular in order to servive."
    active at dawn and dusk
  47. Objective

    "The punishment was to be objective no matter who it was."
    • Purpose; goal;
    • unbiased
  48. Pliable

    "You must be pliable in the military to get by."
    flexible; not stubborn
  49. Rescind

    "Martin rescindedon the bet he made, because he knew he was going to lose."
    Retract; repeal
  50. Temper

    "He lost his temper when heard the news."
    • To soften or tone down;
    • a particular state of mind or feelings
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