Social Studies Chapter 13/14 test part II

  1. This group's political party was known as Know-Nothing Party & the American Party.
  2. The Midwest and East were connected by what?
    Railroad tracks
  3. People from Ireland immigrated to the United States due to what?
    The potato famine
  4. What was the main topic of conversation and considered "king" in the South?
  5. An Overseer is also known as what?
    A plantation manager
  6. What was one of the things Slave codes did when it came to teaching enslaved people to read or write?
    Made it a crime
  7. Why did workers stage strikes?
    To put pressure on their employers for better things.
  8. What are Trade unions?
    Workers with the same skills that formed group's.
  9. What is a Domestic slave?
    Someone who works within the house.
  10. Before the cotton gin, the amount a cotton fibers that could be cleaned by a single person was how much?
    About 1 to 5 pounds
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Social Studies Chapter 13/14 test part II
Social Studies Chapter 13/14 part II