Dairy3- Cow Comfort

  1. ___________ is the number one indicator for cow comfort.
    Lying time
  2. How do we measure comfort? (4)
    stall usage, lying time, lameness/ hock lesions, preference tests
  3. Cows that are ___________ are at risk for developing lameness.
    not laying down
  4. How do we measure stall usage and lying time?
    podometers, cameras
  5. What are signs of lameness? (7)
    head bob, back arch, joint flexion, swinging in/out of hind end, tracking up (does the hind foot land where the front foot was), asymmetric steps/rhythm, improper weight bearing (limping)
  6. We determine cow comfort based on ______________.
    animal-based measurements
  7. What are risk factors for lameness, hock lesions, or low lying time? (6)
    stocking density, stall width, bedding dryness, bedding level and type, lunge space, neckrail position
  8. Why might a cow lay backwards in a stall?
    lying backwards in the stall
  9. What happens when you move the neckrail too far forward?
    cows stand fully in the stall (as opposed to perching), defecate in the stall —> decreased hygiene, inc mastitis
  10. What's the purpose of the neckrail?
    to force cows to lay far back enough so they defecate out of the stall into the alley
  11. What happens when the neckrail is too far back?
    not enough lunge space for cows--> decreased cow comfort
  12. __________ are a huge risk factor for hock lesions.
  13. What are potential problems with deep-bedded sand stalls?
    • sand must be raked daily; if not,...
    • sand gets pushed to the sides of the stall and cows are basically laying on the ground
    • sand can become compacted and hard, less comfortable
  14. How does overstocking affect cow comfort?
    • reduces lying time
    • overstocked lying stalls--> cows can't lie down
    • overstocking feed bunk--> cows stand longer to wait to eat
  15. What might be your recommendations for low lying time/ high perching time? (4)
    increase stall width/depth, bedding amount, bedding dryness, bunk space
  16. What would be your main recommendation for a high number of hock lesions?
    deeper bedding
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