gender differences

  1. Elisabeth kubler- ross
    • studied end of life
    • five stages of grief
  2. 5 stages
    denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance

    • not everyone experiences them
    • others experience in different order
  3. gender identity
    • sense of being male or female
    • linked to anatomy or physiology
  4. gender roles
    expectations on hoe boys/ girls should act, think, and feel
  5. when do gender roles begin
    • before birth
    • pink clothes for girls
    • girls handled more gently
  6. female vs male chromosomes
    • two sex chromosomes
    • males xy
    • females xx
  7. who has larger corpus callosum
  8. evolutionary
    • behavior tendencies prepare us for survival
    • males - more likely to take risks show dominance
    • females- concerned with appearance to attract high status
  9. psychoanalytic
    • freud
    • oedial complex
    • girls learn to act feminine from mom
  10. behavioral
    • social learning theory
    • child respond to rewards and punishment for their behaviors
    • imitate role models
    • bf skinner
  11. cognitive
    • Sandra bem
    • gender schema - children schema whats appropriate for males and females
  12. gender orls stereotypes
    reflects ideas and beliefs about males and females
  13. meta analysis
    differences in cognitive skill within each gender are bigger the dif between genders
  14. stereotype threat
    • member of group fears that their performance will validate an existing negative performance stereotype causing decrease in performance
    • saying women are bad at math causes them to perform poorly
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