Modified Wordly Wise Lesson 14

  1. to be able to pay for
    afford (verb)

    Can you afford a new pair of running shoes?
  2. to be able to do
    afford (verb)

    When you're on the soccer team, you can't afford to miss a night's sleep.
  3. to give; to provide
    afford (verb)

    Playing hockey affords me much pleasure.
  4. to talk with too much pride in oneself or in what one owns or has done; to brag
    boast (verb)

    Ben boasted about all the games he had won.
  5. to have and to take a proper pride in having
    boast (verb)

    San Francisco boasts one of the finest bridges in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge.
  6. an act of boasting
    boast (noun)

    "It was just a boast," Julio said. "I can't really run five miles.
  7. unusually good
    exceptional (adjective)

    Dad's dinner he made was exceptionally delicious last night.
  8. lucky
    fortunate (adjective)

    You are fortunate to have such kind friends.
  9. plain and simple
    humble (adjective)

    Abraham Lincoln was raised in a humble log cabin.
  10. not proud; modest
    humble (adjective)

    In her humble speech of thanks, the new mayor said she would need all the help she could get.
  11. to bring down to defeat
    humble (verb)

    Our soccer team humbled Newton High with a score of seven goals to one.
  12. a field of grass or wildflowers
    meadow (noun)

    In the middle of the meadow stood a cow and its calf.
  13. to ask for something that is felt to be very important; to beg
    plead (verb)

    The family pleaded with the reporters to leave them alone.
  14. to respond to a charge by a court of law
    plead (verb)

    The prisoner said he wished to plead not guilty.
  15. to throw oneself into
    plunge (verb)

    We plunged into the pool and swam a few laps.
  16. to push or force quickly
    plunge (verb)

    I plunged the shovel into the dirt.
  17. to drop sharply
    plunge (verb)

    The stunt plane plunged quickly, falling to the ground.
  18. a sudden dive or fall
    plunge (noun)

    My spirits took a plunge when I saw the first page of the test.
  19. to become less strict
    relent (verb)

    My parents finally relented and said I could go to the concert.
  20. to give to someone to look over or decide about
    submit (verb)

    Each student is asked to submit a picture for the yearbook.
  21. to give in to someone or something
    My sister was always telling me what to do, but I refused to submit to her.
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