Network+ 2009 Unit-7 TCP-IP Basics and Unit-13 IPv6.csv

  1. IPv4; what is it ______ what is the bit-value _______
    The most common type of IP address; officially called IPv4 but simplified to *IP*. (b) it has a 32-bit value broken down into 4 groups of 8-bits separted by DOTS.
  2. Example: is called IPv4 __________ also referred as _________
    (a)Dotted Decimal Notation (b) Dotted OCTET NUMBERING SYSTEM.
  3. What is a DEFAULT GATEWAY
    The IP Address of the ROUTER'S connection to your LAN.
  4. IANA
    Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Formed to track and disperse IP addresses until 1998 by Jon Postel. I grew quickly and so the (RIRs) Regional Internet Registries takes care of those duties
  5. CIDR
    Class-less Inter-Domain Routing
  6. What is a SUBNET MASK
    Is a string of 1's; followed by a string of 0s; 32-bit long (4 bytes)
  7. The cornestoen of SUBNETTING is the ________ You take an existing /8 /14 /24 SUBNET and EXTEND the SUBNET MASK by adding _________
    (a) SUBNET MASK (b) More 1s and taking away the same number of 0s
  8. BOOTP is common on _________ and __________ systems
    (a) UNIX/Linux (b) Macintosh
  9. APIPA
    Automatic Private IP Addressing. This system generates IP addresses if there is no response to a DHCP discovery message.
  10. Special TCP/IP address:
    LOOPBACK ADDRESS. To send packets to itself. (PING)
  11. What IP address is PING To test a NICs capability to send and receive packets.
  12. through
    Private IP addresses (1 Class A license)
  13. through
    Private IP addresses (16 class B licenses)
  14. throught
    Private IP addresses ( 256 Class C licenses)
  15. The first 64-bits of a LINK-LOCAL ADDRESS is always
    FE80::/64 = FE80:0000:0000:0000
  16. IPv6 Addresses consists of
    8 Groups of 4 Hexadecimal characters each or 16-bits each for a total of 8 x 16-bits = 128-bits long. E.g. 2001 : 0000 : 0000 : 3210 : 0800 : 200C : 00DF : 1234. *2001hx*=0010 0000 0000 0001 = 16-bits
  17. EUI-64
    Extended Unique Identifier 64-bit
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