1. how to practice drift control (4)
    • operate at lowest pressure by nozzle design;
    • use large nozzle opening;
    • use most water possible per treated area;
    • spray near target
  2. positively charged pesticide molecules will adsorb to _________charged clay particles
  3. process of the breakdown of pesticide molecules into simpler and less toxic compounds
  4. Adsorption to soil in pesticides
    • clay is neg charge and many pesticides are positive;
    • can cause pesticide failure¬†when in highly adsorptive soil
  5. 3 types of degradation
    • microbial - fungi, algae eat it
    • chemical - reacts with water, oxygen
    • photdegradation - breakdown by sunlight
  6. Runoff and pesticides (5)
    • loss due to slope, moisture content of soil, presence of vegetation;
    • happens with erosion or raw chemical.
  7. Frequency of pesticide application can influence
    microbial degradation: That is, repeated applications can actually stimulate the buildup of organisms that are effective in degrading the chemical.
  8. leaching
    • movement of water down through soil; more in sandy soils than clay;
    • less with high adsorption;
    • helps get pesticide to roots in some cases
  9. the ease with which a pesticide dissolves in water
    pesticide solubility
  10. pesticides strongly adsorbed to soil particles are very unlikely to
    leach or get into the ground water
  11. ground water flows through aquifers at rates of a few ______in clay or silts to a few _______in sands
    • - inches per year
    • - inches per day
  12. the more water soluble the pesticide, the ______ the leaching potential
  13. spray before bees forage ________
    before dawn, after dusk, or less than 55
  14. passed in 1973 to provide protection for federally listed endangered wild plants and animals
    ESA: endangered species act
  15. manufacturers need registration approval to market new product from
  16. coordinates agencies internal review and monitor status of registration
  17. The future of pesticide products now channeled toward pesticides derived from
    bacteria, virus fungi growth inhibitors
  18. "it is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconstistent with its labeling"
    on every pesticide label
  19. label serves as instructions and
    legal measuring stick
  20. most comprehensive registration is granted under
    section 3 of FIFRA
  21. front panel of every pesticide product must say
    keep out of reach of children
  22. front of container must have
    signal word
  23. generally, minimum protective clothing on statment
    long sleeved shirt, long pants, waterproof shoes
  24. 2 sets of registration numbers:
    • First identifies registrant
    • Second represents registration issued to company by EPA
  25. on label before phrase EPA EST is
    establishment number to id locaton
  26. for help with spills call
    chemtrec 800 424 9300
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