1. Difference between post and get methods
    get lets you do queries from the url, but has limits on information that you can send. Post does not have limits. Limits are usually around 256 characters.
  2. The difference between post and get results:
    post uses the (standard input variable e.g. $forminfo = ) and get uses QUERY_STRING (e.g. $form_info = $ENV{'QUERY_STRING'};
  3. What is a regular expression?
    Comparing values and altering them.
  4. How do you change values?
    $variable =~ s/item to find/item to change/g; the g changes everything;
  5. Variable to find and split something?
    split(/search item/, variable to search);
  6. Regular expression - find a single digit number
  7. find any word character reg exp.
  8. find any space character reg exp.
  9. find zero or more instances of a single character
  10. find one or more instances of a character
  11. find zero or one instances of a character
  12. If you want to search for a string of letters in a row, how? Search for 5 to 10 b's;
    $value =~ s/b{5,10}/stuff/g;
  13. Search for >5 bs's
    $value =~ s/b{5,}/stuff/g;
  14. If you want to match a character and then pass it through to whats changed (e.g find a A and make it AGI)
    Use () and $1 =~ s/(A)/($1)GI/g;
  15. Variables start with what symbol?
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