Theology Test 1 Q 3

  1. 4 Basic Human Needs
    • Physical needs- food clothing shelter health sleep Improves physical comfort and security
    • Self identity and self esteem- self acceptance and the belief that you are worthwhile ; integrityImproves psychological health and balance
    • Companionship and intimacy- close relationship with God and one or more other persons; good friends, intimacy of family Improves emotional and spiritual well being
    • Self actualization- development of your abilities, talents and skillsHelps in the realization of your personal potential
  2. 4 steps for making a life choice
    • Recognize Abilities
    • Understand Needs
    • Know What Makes You Happy
    • Know How You Can Best Relate to Others
  3. 5 rules of friendship
    • Be Honest & Sincere – sometimes we have to hurt feelings and give praise.
    • Be Supportive – Through good times & bad times.
    • Be Unselfish – but don’t be a doormat.  Don’t take advantage of each other.
    • Never harm or ridicule – Don’t embarrass or put each other down.
    • Be Loyal – Keep each other’s confidences. Don’t backstab.
  4. What’s needed for infatuation to turn to love
    What’s needed: knowledge, growth and effort to build.Also – an extreme commitment (exclusive & eternal) from BOTH parties.
  5. Catholic Teaching on homosexuality
    • We are to treat homosexual persons with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.
    • Homosexuals have the same obligation to practice chastity as heterosexuals.
    • We need to focus on the individual rather than their sexual orientation & overcome our own fears and biases.
  6. As a teen, how can you live your vocation?
    As a teen, you can live your vocation by using your God-given gifts, and participation as a member of the Church community.
  7. Discernment Process
    • Explore – explore opportunities by finding info about possibilities available to you.
    •  Seek – seek direction by looking to Scripture, Church Tradition and teachings, your convictions.  
    • Ask – ask advice from wise and knowledgeable people that you know and trust.  
    • Assess – assess your needs, abilities, experiences, and relationships in terms of what God might be calling you to be or do.  What would this life require and what possibilities does it offer?
    •  Pray – take time to pray and attend Mass.  Use the quiet time to listen to God’s call
  8. Infatuation-
    A strong, false, emotional attraction to someone
  9. Friendship-
    a special gift, how God’s love is shared with us.
  10. Filial love-
    a connection that can last a lifetime but is not romantic; most friendships are this type of love
  11. Exploitation-
    occurs when one person takes what he or she can get without showing respect or concern for the other person
  12. Vocation-
    to callfaith - a supernatural gift freely given by God that requires our cooperation
  13. Self-discipline-
    the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weakness
  14. Occupation-
    a job or profession
  15. Career-
    an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress
  16. Job-
    a paid position of regular employment
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