Record types

  1. What is a "A" record?
    Address record for IPV4 address.
  2. What is a "AAAA" record?
    Address record for IPV6 address
  3. What is a CNAME
    A conical name record which is an alias for an existing record allowing multiple DNS records to map to the same IP address.
  4. What is an "MX" record?
    A mail exchange record that routes a domain name to an email server.
  5. What is a "PTR"?
    A pointer record that points to a conical name or CNAME.  Commonly used in reverse lookups.
  6. What is an "SOA"?
    A start of authority record provides authoritative information about DNS zone, such as email contact information for the zone's admin, zone's primary name servers.
  7. Explain how DHCP discovers when it initially boots.
    • When a client boots it has no IP address or default gateway so it sends out a BCST message called a DHCPDiscover message.
    • When the DHCP server rcv DHCPDiscover MSG it responds with a unicast DHCPOffer MSG.
    • The client communicates with the SRVR by sending a DCHPRequest.
    • The SRVR then responds with a DHCPAck.
  8. Which of the following DNS record types is used to map a hostname to an IPv4 address?

    A) A
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