1. Kyp/o
  2. Lord/o
  3. Ped/o
  4. Scoli/o
  5. Tempor/o
    Temporal bone
  6. -porosis
  7. Myel/o
    Bone marrow; spinal cord
  8. Myeloma
    (myel/o -oma)
    Benign tumor of the bone marrow
  9. Osteomyelitis
    (oste/o myel/o -itis)
    Inflammation of bone and bone marrow
  10. Osse/o
  11. Oste/o
  12. Osse/o; oste/o
  13. Osteitis
    (oste/o -itis)
    Inflammation of the bone
  14. Osteochondritis
    (oste/o chondr/o -itis)
    Inflammation of bone and cartilage
  15. Ostecyte
    (oste/o -cyte)
    Mature bone cell
  16. Osteoma
    (oste/o -oma)
    Benign tumor of bone
  17. Osteotome
    (oste/o -tome)
    Instrument used to cut bone
  18. Osteotomy
    (oste/o -tomy)
    Process of cutting bone
  19. Endosteum
    (endo- oste/o -um)
    Inner lining of the shaft (long slender portion) of a bone such as the tibia or ulna
  20. Periosteum
    (peri- oste/o -um)
    Structure around the shaft of a long bone
  21. Crain/o
  22. Crainofacial
    (crain/o faci/o -al)
    Pertaining to the skull and face
  23. Faci/o
  24. Crainoplasty
    (crain/o -plasty)
    Surgical repair of the skull
  25. Crainotomy
    (crain/o -tomy)
    Incision into the skull
  26. Mandibul/o
    Mandible; lower jaw
  27. Mandibular
    (mandibul/o -ar)
    Pertainig to lower jar
  28. Tempor/o
    Temporal bone
  29. Temporomandibular
    (tempor/o mandibul/o -ar)
    Pertaining to the joint between the temporal bone and the lower jaw
  30. Maxill/o
    Maxilla; upper jaw
  31. Maxillary
    (maxill/o -ary)
    Pertaining to the upper jaw
  32. Chondr/o
  33. Achondroplasia
    (a- chondr/o -plasia)
    Inadequate cartilage formarion resulting in a type of dwarfism
  34. Chondrocyte
    (chondr/o -cyte)
    Cartilage cell
  35. Chondroma
    (chondr/o -oma)
    Benign tumor of cartilage
  36. Cost/o
  37. Costochondral
    (cost/o chondr/o -al)
    Pertaining to the ribs and cartilage
  38. Subcostal
    (sub- cost/o -al)
    Pertaining to under the ribs)
  39. Stern/o
    Sternum; breastbone
  40. Costosternal
    (cost/o stern/o -al)
    Pertaining to the ribs and sternum
  41. Sternotomy
    (stern/o -tomy)
    Process of cutting the sternum
  42. Xiph/o
  43. Xiphoid
    (xiph/o -oid)
    Distal portion of the sternum; literally means "resembling a sword"
  44. Cervic/o
  45. Cervical
    (cervic/o -al)
    Pertaining to the neck
  46. Coccyg/o
    Coccyx; tailbone
  47. Coccygeal
    (coccyg/o -eal)
    Pertaining to the tailbone
  48. Lumb/o
    Lower back; lions
  49. Lumbodynia
    (lumb/o -dynia)
    Pain in the lower back; also known as lumbago
  50. Lumbosacral joint
    (lumb/o sacr/o-al)
    Pertaining tothe joint between L5 and the sacrum
  51. Sacr/o
  52. Sacrococcygeal joint
    (sacr/o coccyg/o -eal)
    Pertaining to the joint between the sacrum and the coccyx
  53. Spondyl/o
    (most often used when referring to conditions)
  54. Spondylitis
    (spondyl/o -itis)
    Inflammation of the vertebrae
  55. Spondylopathy
    (spondyl/o -pathy)
    Any disease of the vertebrae
  56. Thorac/o
  57. Thoracolumbar
    (thorac/o lumb/o -ar)
    Pertaining to the chest and lower back
  58. Vertebr/o
    (most often used in words used to describe structure)
  59. Costovertebral joint
    (cost/o vertebr/o -al)
    Pertaining to the joint between a rib and a vertebra
  60. Intervertebral
    (inter- vertebr/o -al)
    Pertaining to between the vertebrae
  61. Clavicul/o
    Clavicle; collarbone
  62. Sternoclavicular
    (stern/o clavicul/o -ar)
    Pertaining to the join between the sternum and clavicle
  63. Infraclavicular
    (infra- clavicul/o -ar)
    Pertaining to below the collarbone
  64. Scapul/o
  65. Subscapular
    (sub- scapul/o -ar)
    Pertaining to below scapula
  66. Brachi/o
  67. Brachial
    (brachi/o -al)
    Pertaining to the arm
  68. Brachiocephalic
    (brachi/o cephal/o -ic)
    Pertaining to the arm and head
  69. Carp/o
  70. Carpectomy
    (carp/o -ectomy)
    Excision of carpal (wrist) bone
  71. Olecran/o
    Olecranon; elbow
  72. Olecranal
    (olecran/o -al)
    Pertaining tothe olecranon, a bony projection on the ulna
  73. Phalang/o
    Phalanx; one of the bones making up the fingers or toes
  74. Interphalangeal (IP) joint
    (inter- phalang/o -eal)
    Pertaining to the joint between the phalanges
  75. Radi/o
    Radius (one of the bones of the lower arm)
  76. Radiocarpal joint
    (radi/o carp/o -al)
    Pertaining tothe joint between the radius and wrist
  77. Uln/o
    Ulnar (one of the bones of the lower arm)
  78. Ulnar
    (uln/o -ar)
    Pertaining to the ulna
  79. Acetabul/o
    • Acetabulum; hip socket
    • (the hip socket resembles a cup thay the romans used to hold vinegar. Acetum is latin for vinegar)
  80. Acetabular
    (acetabul/o -ar)
    Pertaining to the hip socket
  81. Acetabuloplasty
    (acetabul/o -plasty)
    Surgical repair of the hip socket
  82. Ili/o
  83. Iliosacral joint
    (ili/o sacr/o -al)
    Pertaining to the joint between the hip and sacrum; also known as the sacroiliac joint
  84. Pelv/i; pelv/o
  85. Pelvic
    (pelv/i -ic)
    Pertaining to the pelvis
  86. Calcane/o
  87. Calcaneal
    (calcane/o -eal)
    Pertaining to the heel
  88. Femor/o
    Femur; thigh bone
  89. Iliofemoral joint
    (ili/o femor/o -al)
    Pertaining to the joint between the hip and femur
  90. Fibul/o
    • Fibula
    • Fibula is latin for clasp or pin. The fibula is pinned to the tibia like a brooch.
  91. Fibulocalcaneal
    (fibul/o calcane/o -eal)
    Pertaining to the fibula and heel
  92. Patell/a; patell/o
    Patella; kneecap
  93. Patellapexy
    (patell/a -pexy)
    Surgical fixation of the kneecap
  94. Infrapatellar
    (infra- patell/a -ar)
    Pertaining to below the kneecap
  95. Suprapatellar
    (supra- patell/a -ar)
    Pertaining to above the kneecap
  96. Tibi/o
    Tibia; shin
  97. Tibiofibular
    (tibi/o fibul/o -ar)
    Pertaining to the joint between the tibia and fibula
  98. Arthr/o
  99. Articul/o
  100. Arthralgia
    (arthr/o -algia)
    Joint pain; also known as arthrodynia
  101. Arthritis
    (arthr/o -itis)
    Inflammation of joint
  102. Osteoarthritis
    Degeneration of articular cartilage due to overuse and resulting in painful movement of the joint
  103. Rheumatoid arthritis
    An autoimmune disease in which the body's immune sysyem fails to recognize its own cells as normal and the body's tissues are attacked as if they were foriegn invaders, resulting in the degeneration of the joint.
  104. Arthropathy
    (arthr/ -pathy)
    Any disease of the joint
  105. Arthroplasty
    (arthr/o -plasty)
    Surgical repair of a joint; usually refers to the total or partial replacement of the knee or hip joints with a prosthetic device.
  106. Arthroscopy
    (arthr/o -scopy)
    Visually examining the joint cavity by usin an arthroscope
  107. Interarticular
    (inter- arthr/o -ar)
    Pertaining to between the joints
  108. Burs/o
    Bursa (sac filled with synovial fluid located around joints)
  109. Bursitis
    (burs/o -itis)
    Inflamed bursa
  110. Bursectomy
    (burs/o -ectomy)
    Excision of the bursa
  111. -blast
  112. Osteoblast
    (oste/o -blast)
    Immature bone cell
  113. Arthrocentesis
    (arthr/o -centesis)
    Surgical puncture of a joint to remove fluid; aspiration of a joint cavity
  114. -clasis
    Surgical fracture or refracture
  115. Osteoclasis
    (oste/o -clasis)
    Surgical fracture or refracture of a bone
  116. -clast
  117. Osteoclast
    (oste/o -clast)
    Bone cell that breaks down bone
  118. -desis
    Surgical fusion; surgical binding
  119. Arthrodesis
    (arthr/o -desis)
    Surgical fusion of a joint
  120. -genesis
  121. Osteogenesis
    (oste/o -genesis)
    Bone formation; also known as ossification
  122. -Malacia
  123. Chondromalacia
    (chondr/o -malacia)
    Softening of cartilage
  124. Osteomalacia
    (oste/o -malacia)
    Softening of bone
  125. -osis
    Abnormal condition
  126. Kyphosis
    (kyph/o -osis)
    Exaggerated posterior curvatire of the thoracic spine; humpback
  127. Lordosis
    (lord/o -osis)
    Exaggerated anterior curvature of the lumbar spine; swayback
  128. Scoliosis
    (scoli/o -osis)
    Abnormal lateral curvature of the spine
  129. -physis
    To grow
  130. Diaphysis
    (dia- -physis)
    The shaft of a long bone
  131. Epiphysis
    (epi- -physis)
    The bulbous portion o a long bone on both side of the shaft.
  132. -porosis
  133. Osteoporosis
    (oste/o -porosis)
    Loss of bone density resulting in open spaces within bony substance
  134. -sarcoma
    Malignant tumor or connective tissue
  135. Chondrosarcoma
    (chondr/o -sarcoma)
    Malignant tumor of cartilage
  136. Osteosarcoma
    (oste/o -sarcoma)
    Malignant tumor of bone; also known as osteogenic sarcoma
  137. Orthopedics
    (ortho- ped/o -ic)
    Surgical speciality dealing with the correction of deformities and dysfunctions of the skeletal system
  138. Ortho-
  139. Flex/o
  140. Pronati/o
    Facing backward
  141. Supinati/o
    Facing forward
  142. Tens/o
  143. Dorsi-
  144. Duct/o
    To draw
  145. Abductor
    (ab- duct/o -or)
    Muscles that move a part away from the midline
  146. Adductor
    (ad- duct/o -or)
    Muscles that move a part toward the midline
  147. Electr/o
  148. Electromyography
    (electr/o my/o -graphy)
    Process of recording the electrical activity of muscle
  149. Fasci/o
    Fascia (band of tissue surrounding the muscle)
  150. Fascial
    (fasci/o -al)
    Pertaining to the fascia
  151. Fasciectomy
    (fasci/o -ectomy)
    Excision of fascia
  152. Fasciitis; fascitis
    (fasci/o -itis)
    Inflammation of fascia
  153. Fasciorrhaphy
    (fasci/o -rrhaphy)
    Suturing the fascia
  154. Kinesi/o
  155. Kinesiology
    (kinesi/o -logy)
    Study of movement
  156. Kinesimeter
    (kinesi/o -meter)
    Instrument used to measure used to measure
  157. Lei/o
  158. Leiomyoma
    (lei/o my/o -oma)
    • Benign tumor of smooth muscle
    • Note- the visceral muscles are smooth, whereas the skeletal and cardiac muscles are strained. They appear striped under the microscope. Straited mean striped
  159. Leiomyosarcoma
    (Lei/o my/o -sarcoma)
    • Malignant tumor of smooth muscle
    • Note- muscle is composed of connective tissue.
  160. Muscul/o
  161. Muscular
    (muscul/o -ar)
    Pertaining to muscle
  162. Musculoskeletal
    (muscul/o skelet/o -al)
    Pertaining to the muscle and skeleton
  163. Skelet/o
  164. My/o
  165. Electromyogram
    (electr/o my/o -gram)
    Record of the electrical currents in a muscle
  166. Fibromyalgia
    (fibr/o my/o -algia)
    Pain in fibrous tissues such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments
  167. Fibr/o
  168. Myalgia
    (my/o -algia)
    Muscle pain
  169. Myopathy
    (my/o -pathy)
    Any muscular disease
  170. Myos/o
  171. Myosotis
    (myos/o -itis)
    Inflammation o the muscle
  172. Polymyositis
    (poly- myos/o -itis)
    Inflammation of many muscles
  173. Rhabd/o
    Rod-shaped; striped; straited
  174. Rhabdomyoma
    (rhabd/o my/o -oma)
    Benign tumor of straited muscle
  175. Rhabdomyosarcoma
    (rhabd/o my/o -sarcoma)
    Malignant tumor of straited muscle tissue
  176. Rhabdomyolysis
    (rhabd/o my/o -lysis)
    Breakdown of straited muscle tissue
  177. Tendin/o; ten/o
  178. Tendinitis
    (tendin/o -itis)
    Inflammation of a tendon
  179. Tendinous
    (tendin/o -ous)
    Pertaining to a tendon
  180. Tenodesis
    (ten/o -desis)
    Surgical fixation of a tendon
  181. Tenotomy
    (ten/o -tomy)
    Cutting of a tendon
  182. Tenosynovi/o
    Tendon sheath (covering of a tendon)
  183. Tenosynovitis
    (tenosynovi/o -itis)
    Inflammation of a tendon sheath
  184. Ton/o
    Tone; tension
  185. Atonic
    (a- ton/o -ic)
    Pertaining to a muscle tyat has no tone or tension; atony
  186. Dystonia
    (dys- ton/o -ia)
    Abnormal muscle tone or tension
  187. Myotonia
    (my/o ton/o -ia)
    Inability of muscle to relax after increased muscular contraction
  188. Tonic
    (ton/o -ic)
    Pertaining to tone; tension
  189. -asthenia
    No strength
  190. Myasthenia
    (my/o -asthenia)
    No muscle strength
  191. -clonus
  192. Myoclonus
    (my/o -clonus)
    Alternate muscular relaxation and contraction in rapid succession
  193. Abduction
    (ab- duct/o -ion)
    Process of drawing away from; opposite of adduction
  194. Adduction
    (ad- duct/o-ion)
    Process of drawinf toward; opposite of abduction
  195. Circumduction
    (circum- duct/o -ion)
    Process of drawing a part in a circular motion
  196. Dorsiflexion
    (dorsi- flex/o -ion)
    Bending the ankle joint so that the top of the foot bends backward (upward); opposite of plantar flexion
  197. Plantar flexion
    (plantar flex/o -ion)
    Bending the Ankle joint so that the top of the foot bends toward the sole of the foot
  198. Extension
    (ex- tens/o -ion)
    To strech out; stretching out a limb; increasing the angle between two bones; opposite of flexion
  199. Flexion
    (flex/o -ion)
    Bending a limb; decreasing the angle between two bones; opposite of extension
  200. Pronation
    (pronati/o -ion)
    As applied to the hand, process of turning the palm backward; opposite of supination
  201. Pronati/o
    Facing backward
  202. Supinati/o
    Facing forward
  203. Supination
    (supinati/o -ion)
    • As applied to the hand, the process of turning the palm forward; opposite of pronation
    • Think holding soup
  204. -kinesia
    Movement; motion
  205. Bradykinesia
    (Brady- kinesia)
    Slow movement
  206. Dyskinesia
    (dys- -kinesia)
    Impairment of muscle movement
  207. Hyperkinesia
    (hyper- -kinesia)
    Excessive movement
  208. -trophy
    Nourishment; growth
  209. Atrophy
    (a- -trophy)
    Wasting away of the muscle
  210. Dystrophy
    (dys- -trophy)
    Abnormal developement, especially muscular dystrophy
  211. Hypertrophy
    (hyper- -trophy)
    Enlargement of an organ due to an increase in the size of cells
  212. Diathermy
    (dia- -thermy)
    • Heat applied to deep tissues through
    • Note- a treatment for muscle soreness
  213. -thermy
  214. EMG
  215. IM
  216. ROM
    • Range of motion
    • (degree to whih a joint fan be moved. The range is measured in degrees. Full range is 360 degrees. Limited movement may be 60 degrees.)
  217. RICE
    Rest, ice, compression, elevation
  218. SLR
    Straight leg raising
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