1. Bacteri/o
  2. Crypt/o
  3. Noct/o
  4. Protein/o
  5. Spermat/o
  6. -cidal
    To kill
  7. -continence
    To stop
  8. Trans-
    Through; across
  9. Calic/o; calyc/o
    Calix; calyx
  10. Caliceal
    Pertaining to the calyces (calices)
  11. Caliectasis
    Dilation of the calyx
  12. Catheter/o
    Something inserted
  13. Catheterization
    Process of inserting a flexible tube into a body cavity, such as the urinary tract, for purpose of removing fluid
  14. Corpor/o
  15. Extracorporeal
    Pertaining to outside the body
  16. Cortic/o
    Cortex; outer layer
  17. Cortical
    Pertaining to the cortex or outer layer of the kidney
  18. Cyst/o
  19. Cystitis
    Inflammation of the bladder
  20. Cystoscope
    Instrument used to visually examine the bladder
  21. Cystoscopy
    Process of visually examining the bladder
  22. Glomerul/o
  23. Glomerulonephritis
    Inflammation of he glomeruli of the kidney
  24. Glomerulosclerosis
    Hardening of the glomerulis
  25. Lith/o
  26. Lithotripsy
    Surgical crushing of kidney stones
  27. Meat/o
  28. Meatotomy
    Process of cutting into urethral meatus
  29. Medull/o
  30. Medullary
    Pertaining to the medulla
  31. Nephr/o
  32. Nephrolithiasis
    Kidney stones
  33. Nephrolithotomy
    Process of removing stones by cutting into the kidney.
  34. Nephropathy
    Disease of the kidney
  35. Nephropexy
    Surgical fixation of the kidney
  36. Nephroptosis
    Drooping kidney
  37. Nephrotomography
    Procedure that utilizes xrays to show the renal tissue at various depths
  38. Hydronephrosis
    Accumulation of fluid in the renal pelvis due to obstruction of normal urinary pathway
  39. Nephroblastoma
    Malignant tumor of the kidney, usually occuring in children; also know as Wilm's tumor
  40. Pyel/o
    Renal pelvis (dialated upper portion of ureter)
  41. Pyelogram
    Record of ureters and kidneys, particularly
  42. Pyelonephritis
    Inflammation of renal pelvis and kidney
  43. Ren/o
  44. Renal hypoplasia
    Underdeveloped kidney
  45. Trigon/o
  46. Trigonitis
    Inflammation of the trigone
  47. Ureter/o
  48. Ureteral
    Pertaining to the ureter
  49. Ureterectasis
    Stretching of the ureters
  50. Ureteroileostomy
    New opening between the ureter and ileum
  51. Ureterolith
    Stone in the ureter
  52. Ureterostenosis
    Narrowing of ureter
  53. Urethr/o
  54. Cystourethrography
    Process of producing an image of the bladder and urethra using xrays. If this procedure is performed as the patient is discharging urine it is called a voiding cystourethrography
  55. Transurethral
    Pertaining to through the urethra
  56. Urethrorrhagia
    Hemmorrhaging from the urethra
  57. Urethroplasty
    Surgical repair of the urethra
  58. Urin/o
  59. Urinary
    Pertaining to urine
  60. Ur/o
    Urinary tract; urine; urination
  61. Uremia
    Accumulation of waste products in the blood due to loss of kidney function; azotemia
  62. Urogram
    Record of urinary tract
  63. Urologist
    Specialist in the study of urinary system in females and the urinary and reproductive systems in males
  64. Vesic/o
  65. Vesicosigmoidostomy
    New opening between bladder and sigmoid colon
  66. Vesicoureteral reflux
    Backward flow of urine from bladder to ureter
  67. -lysis
    Separate; breakdown; destruction
  68. Dialysis
    Mechanical replacement of kidney function when the kidney is dysfunctional
  69. Urin/o
  70. Urinalysis
    Laboratory analysis of urine
  71. -uria
    Urine; urination
  72. Anuria
    No urine formation; also known as suppression
  73. Bacteriuria
    Bacteria in urine
  74. Dysuria
    Painful urination
  75. Hematuria
    Blood in the urine
  76. Nocturia
    Frequent urination at night
  77. Oligluria
    Decreased urination
  78. Olig/o
    Deficient; few; scanty
  79. Protein/o
  80. Proteinuria
    Excessive amounts of protein in the blood
  81. Pyuria
    Pus in the urine
  82. in-
    No; not
  83. Incontinence
    No control of excretory functions such as urination
  84. Polyuria
    Excretion of large amounts of urine
  85. Polycystic kidneys
    Kidneys with many cysts
  86. Andr/o
  87. Androgenic
    Producing masculinizing effects
  88. Balan/o
    Glans penis
  89. Balanitis
    Inflammation of the glans penis
  90. Balanorrhea
    Discharge from the glans penis
  91. Epididym/o
    Inflammation of the epididymis
  92. Orchid/o; orchi/o
    Testicle; testis
  93. Cryptorchidism
    Undescended testicles
  94. Orichopexy
    Surgical fixation of the testicle onto the scrotum
  95. Orchitis
    Inflammation of the testicle
  96. Prostat/o
  97. Prostatitis
    Inflammation of the prostate
  98. Prostatectomy
    Excision of the prostate
  99. Sperm/o; spermat/o
    Spermatozoa; sperm
  100. Aspermatogenesis
    No production of spermatozoa
  101. Oligospermia
    Deficient number of spermatozoa
  102. Spermatic cord
    Structure extending from the inguinal canal to the testis, containing blood vessels, nerves, and vas deferens, enclosed by fibrous covering
  103. Spermatocidal
    To kill or destroy spermatozoa; spermicidal
  104. Testicul/o
    Testicles; testis
  105. Vas/o
    Vas deferens
  106. Vasectomy
    Excision of the vas deferens or a protion of it
  107. -cele
  108. Hematocele
    Accumulation of blood around the testicles
  109. Hydrocele
    Accumulation of fluid around the testicles
  110. Spermatocele
    Accumulation of a milky fluid in the testicles or epididymis
  111. Varicocele
    Dilatation of testicular veins inside the scrotum
  112. -potence
  113. Impotence
    Inability to achieve and maintain an erection; erectile dysfunction
  114. -spadias
    Opening; tear
  115. Epispadias
    Congenital opening of the meatus on the dorsom (top side) of the penis
  116. Hypospadias
    Congenital opening of the meatus on the ventral (underside) of the penis
  117. Circum-
  118. Circumcision
    Removal of the prepuce of foreskin
  119. Men/o
    Menstruation; menses; month
  120. Tub/o
    Tube; fallopian tube
  121. Versi/o
    Tilting; turning; tipping
  122. -an
    Pertaining to
  123. -ine
    Pertaining to
  124. -pause
    Stoppage; cessation
  125. Nulli-
  126. Oxy-
  127. Primi-
  128. Secundi-
  129. Cervic/o
    Cervix; neck of uterus; cervix uteri
  130. Cervicitis
    Inflammation of the cervix
  131. Cervical polyp
    Growth extending from mucus membrane of cervix uteri into the uterine cavity
  132. Polyp
    Protruding growth from mucus membranes
  133. Colp/o
  134. Colporrhapy
    Suturing of the vagina
  135. Colposcopy
    Process of visually examining the vagina
  136. Culd/o
  137. Culdocentesis
    Surgical puncture to remove fluid from the cul-de-sac of Douglas
  138. Culdoscope
    Instrument used to visually examine the cul-de-sac of Douglas
  139. Episi/o
    Vulva; external genitalia; pudendum
  140. Episiotomy
    Process of cutting the vulva, between the vagina and anus (perineum)
  141. Episiorrhaphy
    Suturing of the vulva and perineum
  142. Fibr/o
    Fibers; fibrous tissue
  143. Uterine fibroid
    Benign, smooth muscle tumor of the uterus; also know as leiomyoma
  144. Galact/o
  145. Galactorrhea
    Discharge of milk from the breast after breastfeeding has stopped
  146. Gynec/o
  147. Gynecologist
    Specialist in the study of diseases and treatment of the female genital tract
  148. Gynecology
    The study of diseases and treatment of the female genital tract
  149. Hyster/o
  150. Hysterectomy
    Surgical removal of the uterus through the abdomen
  151. Hystertomy
    Process of cutting into the uterus (usually to remove the fetus)
  152. Labi/o
  153. Labial
    Pertaining to the lip
  154. Lapar/o
  155. Laparscopy
    Process of visually examining the abdominal cavity
  156. Lact/o
  157. Lactogenesis
    Production and secretion of milk from the breast
  158. Ligati/o
    Binding; tying
  159. Tubal ligaition
    Method of sterilization whereby the lumen of fallopian tube is blocked by tying the tube with a threadlike material
  160. Mamm/o; mast/o
  161. Mammary
    Pertaining to the breast
  162. Mammography
    Xray of the breast to diagnose abnormalities that may not show up on typical physical examination
  163. Mammoplasty
    Surgical reconstruction of the breast
  164. Mastectomy
    Excision of the breast
  165. Mastopexy
    Surgical fixation of the breast (preformed to improve breast shape when the breast is sagging)
  166. Men/o
    Menses; menstruation; month
  167. Amenorrhea
    No menstruation
  168. Dysmenorrhea
    Painful menstruation
  169. Menopause
    Stoppage of menstruation usually occuring at about 45-55 years of age
  170. Menorrhea
    Normal menstruation
  171. Menorrhagia
    Excessive uterine bleeding during menstruation
  172. Oligomenorrhea
    Diminished or infrequent menstruation
  173. Menometrorrhagia
    Excessive uterine bleeding during menstruation and at variable intervals
  174. Metr/o
  175. Endometriosis
    Endometrial tissue found at sites other than the uterus
  176. Endometrium
    Inner wall of the uterus
  177. Metroptosis
    Displacement of the uterus through the vaginal canal; uterine prolapse
  178. Metrorrhagia
    Uterine bleeding at times other than at the regular menstrual period
  179. Myometrium
    Muscular wall of the uterus
  180. Parametrium
    Structures located beside the uterus such as supporting ligaments
  181. Perimetrium
    The outermost wall o the uterus
  182. O/o; ov/o
  183. Oocyte
    Egg cell; the developing ovum
  184. Ovoid
    Resembling egg shape
  185. Oophor/o
  186. Oophororrhagia
    Hemorrhaging from the ovary
  187. Ovari/o
  188. Ovarian cyst
    Cyst formed on an ovary
  189. Perine/o
    Perineum (area from the vulva to anus)
  190. Colpoperineoplasty
    Surgical reconstruction of the vagina and perineum
  191. Perineorrhaphy
    Suture of the perineum
  192. Salping/o
    Fallopian tube; uterine tube
  193. Hysterosalpingectomy
    Excision of the uterus and fallopian tube
  194. Hysterosalpingogram
    Record of uterus and fallopian tube by the use of xrays after injection of contrast medium
  195. Salpingopexy
    Surgical fixation of the fallopian tubes
  196. Salpingo-oophorectomy
    Excision of the fallopian tubes and ovaries; may be bilateral or unilateral
  197. Polythelia
    More than one nipple present on the breast
  198. Thel/o
  199. Thelitis
    Inflammation of nipple
  200. Uter/o
  201. Intrauterine
    Pertaining to within the uterus
  202. Rectouterine
    Pertaining to the rectum and uterus
  203. Uterovesical
    Pertaining to the uterus and bladder
  204. Vagin/o
  205. Vaginitis
    Inflammation of the vagina
  206. Vaginomycosis
    Fungal infection of the vagina
  207. Vulv/o
    Vulva; external genitalia; pudendum
  208. Vulvectomy
    Excision of the vulva
  209. Vulvorectal
    Pertaining to the vulva and rectum
  210. -arche
  211. Menarche
    Beginning of the regular menstural cycle occuring at approximately 13 years of age
  212. -cele
  213. Cystocele
    Hernia of bladder against the vaginal wall
  214. Rectocele
    Hernia of the rectum against the vagina wall
  215. -logy
    The study of
  216. Cytology
    The study of cells. A cytology commonly performed is the papanicolaou smear, or pap smear, which differentiates normal cells from precancerous and cancerous cells of the cervix uteri
  217. Biopsy
    Living tissue is excised from the body and viewed under a microscope
  218. -salpinx
    Fallopian tube; uterine tube
  219. Hematosalpinx
    Accumulation of blood in the fallopian tube
  220. Hydrosalpinx
    Accumulation of a watery fluid in the fallopian tube
  221. Pyosalpinx
    Accumlation of pus in the fallopian tube
  222. Anteflexion
    Bending forward of a part of an organ
  223. Ante-
  224. Anteversion
    Tilting forward of an organ
  225. Retro-
    Back; behind
  226. Retroflexion
    Bending back of a part of an organ
  227. Retroversion
    Tilting backward of an organ
  228. Amni/o
    Amnion; sac in which the fetus lies in the uterus
  229. Amniocentesis
    Surgical puncture to withdraw or aspirate fluid from the amniotic sac for analysis
  230. Nat/o
  231. Postnatal period
    Pertaining to the period after birth (referring to newborn)
  232. Prenatal
    Pertaining to before birth
  233. Top/o
  234. Ectopic pregnancy
    Pregnancy occurring in a place other than the uterus, such as the fallopian tube
  235. -cyesis
  236. Pseudocyesis
    False pregnancy
  237. -emesis
  238. Hyperemesis gravidarum
    Excessive vomiting during pregnancy
  239. -gravida
  240. Multigravida
    A woman who has been pregnant two of more times
  241. Nulligravida
    A woman who has never been pregnant
  242. Primigravida
    A woman who is pregnant for the first time
  243. Secundigravida
    A woman pregnant for the second time
  244. Pelvimetry
    Process of measuring the dimensions of the mother's pelvis to determine if its dimensions will allow the passage of the fetus through the birth canal
  245. -para
    To bear; give birth; part with child
  246. Multipara
    A woman who has given birth to viable offspring two or more times
  247. Nullipara
    A woman who has never given birth to viable offspring
  248. Primipara
    A woman who has given birth to viable offspring for the first time
  249. Secundipara
    A woman who has given birth to viable offspring twice
  250. -partum
    Labor; delivery; childbirth
  251. Antepartum
    Before birth
  252. Postpartum
    The period after birth
  253. -tocia; -tocin
  254. Dystocia
    Difficult labor
  255. Oxytocin
    Hormone secreted from the posterior pituitary that initiates uterine contractions, starting childbirth
  256. Ultra-
    Excess; beyond
  257. Pelvic ultrasonography
    Visualization of organs in the pelvic area by recording high-frequency sound waves as they bounce off tissues
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