1. units of joules
  2. 1st law thermodynamics
    energy is conserved. cannot be created nor destroyed
  3. 2nd law of thermodynamics
    for any spontaneous process, entropy of the universe increases
  4. 3rd law of thermodynamics
    entropy of a perfect crystal is 0 at absolute 0 temperature
  5. Hess' Law
    when two or more chemical equations add up to a final equation, then the sum of their enthalpies equal the enthalpy of the final equation
  6. State function
    independant of the path taken. Ex internal energy, enthalpy, entropy
  7. Force equals
    pressure x area
  8. breaking bonds is... (endo or exo)
  9. making bonds is (endo or exo)
  10. allotropes
    same element exxisting in 2 forms example carbon in graphite and diamonds
  11. le chatelier's principle
    when a chemical process is at equilibrium and a stress is added, the reaction will shift to relieve the stress
  12. w stands for
  13. endothermic
    heat is absorbed, postive delta h
  14. transition state
    - @ max potential energy along the path from reactants to products
  15. propogation step
    reactive intermediates react to give products and furnish new supplies of reactive intermediates
  16. elementary step
    reaction which occurs in a single step ex 2H2 + O2 -> H20
  17. 1/[A]
  18. [A]
  19. ln[A]
  20. anode
    site at which oxidation occurs in an electrochemical cell
  21. volts
    potential difference, J/C
  22. watts
    electrical power J/s
  23. amp
    electrical current C/s
  24. Electrolytic cell
    external energy source is used force the electrical current to flow in opposite direction of a spontaneous cell
  25. Newton
  26. wat
  27. volt
  28. wave function
    proportional to the probability of finding the particle at a particular point in space.
  29. pauli exclusion principle
    no 2 electrons can have the same 4 quantum #s
  30. electronegativity
    the ability of an atom to hold onto its elections. as you go up and to the right the electronegativity increases
  31. resonance hybrid
    when more than oen lewis dot structure can be drawn simply by moving electrons
  32. paramagnetic
    an atom or molecule containing at least one unpaired electron. it is attracted to a magnet
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