Chapter 1: Introduction to Excel Online Chapter Review

  1. Which of the following is NOT a specific element of an Excel 2013 window?
    a. column heading
    b. order of precedence
    name box
    d. sheet tab
    b. order of precedence
  2. Which of the following sheets in an Excel 2013 workbook has NOT been changed?

    B. Excel2013
  3. Which of the following is FALSE pertaining to an input area of a worksheet?

    A.  An input area should generally be on a separate worksheet from all other data.
  4. A text data type in Excel 2013:
    includes letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces not used in calculations.
  5. You should use cell references in formulas instead of constant values so that:
    you can change the input values without changing the formulas.
  6. Auto Fill:
    enables you to copy the contents of a cell or range by using the fill handle.
  7. Semi-selection is often commonly called _______.
  8. Which of the following is TRUE about deleting worksheets in Excel 2013?
    If you delete a worksheet that contains data, a warning will pop up. If you delete a blank worksheet, it will be deleted immediately without warning.
  9. Column width:
    is adjustable, so you can display more or less characters in a column.
  10. What does ###### refer to when displayed in a cell?
    A cell is too narrow to display a complete value
  11. When selecting multiple cells, which of the following requires that you select the first portion and press and hold Ctrl while selecting the second portion?
    A15:A20 and E15:E20
  12. Horizontal alignment:
    refers to the position of cell contents between the left and right cell margins
  13. Which of the following is NOT a printing page setup command?

    A. Sheet tabs
  14. A workbook can contain 13 worksheets-one for each month and a summary worksheet that calculates totals across the full year.
  15. The cell that is currently selected in a worksheet is known as the active cell.
  16. Pressing the Home key will make cell A1 the active cell in a worksheet
  17. Brackets are used in an Excel formula to change the order of operations.
  18. Excel displays the result of a formula in its cell. You can display the formula itself by pressing the Ctrl and ` (grave accent) keys simultaneously.
  19. It is possible to add, delete, or rename worksheets at any time in Excel 2013.
  20. If a column is too narrow, a portion of the data that you enter in a cell will be deleted.
  21. When you use the Copy as Picture option to copy Excel data, you cannot edit individual cell data after pasting the image.
  22. When you copy Excel data to use in a Word or PowerPoint document, you can use Paste or Paste Special to paste it into the document
  23. Changing the format of a cell changes the value of the number stored in the cell.
  24. While it is common to center a worksheet horizontally on a page, it is not possible to center it vertically on the page in Excel 2013.
  25. Excel displays data in gridlines of columns and rows. By default, the gridlines appear on a printed document.
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