1. Coni/o
  2. Dilat/o
    Widening; dilation
  3. Oligo-
    Scanty; few
  4. Adenoid/o
  5. Adenoidectomy
    Adenoid/o -ectomy
    Excision of the adenoids
  6. Alveol/o
    Alveoli; air sacs
  7. Alveolar
    Alveol/o -ar
    Pertaining to the alveoli
  8. Alveolitis
    Alveol/o -itis
    Inflammation of the alveoli
  9. Bronchi/o; bronch/o
  10. Bronchiectasis
    Bronchi/o -ectasis
    Dilation of the bronchus
  11. -ectasis
    Dilation; stretching
  12. Bronchitis
    Inflammation of the bronchus
  13. Bronchodilator
    Bronch/o dilat/o -or
    Drugs that dilate the bronchus to relieve bronchospasm
  14. Dilat/o
    Dilation; widening
  15. -or
    Person or thing that does something
  16. Bronchoscopy
    Bronch/o -scopy
    Process of visually examining the bronchus
  17. Bronchospasm
    Bronch/o -spasm
    Sudden, involuntary contraction of the bronchus
  18. -spasm
    Sudden, involuntary contraction
  19. Bronchogenic carcinoma
    A malignant tumor of the lung that orginates in the bronchi
  20. Bronchiol/o
    Bronchioles; small bronchi
  21. Bronchiolitis
    Bronchiol/o -itis
    Inflammation of the bronchioles
  22. Laryng/o
    Larynx; voice box
  23. Laryngeal
    Laryng/o -eal
    Pertaining to the voice box
  24. Laryngospasm
    Laryng/o -spasm
    Sudden, involuntary contraction of the voice box
  25. Lob/o
  26. Lobar
    Lob/o -ar
    Pertaining to the lobe of the lung
  27. Lobectomy
    Lob/o -ectomy
    Excision of a lobe of the lung
  28. Mediastin/o
    • Mediastinum
    • (cavity between the lungs)
  29. Mediastinoscopy
    Mediastin/o -scopy
    Process of visually examining the mediastinum (cavity between the lung)
  30. Muc/o
    Mucus (a sticky, thick secretion of mucous membrane)
  31. Mucolytic
    Muc/o -lytic
    Drugs used to break down thick mucus so it can be coughed up
  32. -lytic
    Breakdown; destruction; separate
  33. Nas/o
  34. Nasolacrimal
    Nas/o lacrim/o -al
    Pertaining to the nose and the lacrimal apparatus
  35. Lacrim/o
    Lacrimal apparatus; tears
  36. Nasopharyngeal
    Nas/o pharyng/o -eal
    Pertaining to the nasopharynx (the portion of the pharynx located behind the nose)
  37. Ox/o; ox/I
  38. Anoxia
    An- ox/o -ia
    • Lack of oxygen
    • Interchangeable with hypoxia
  39. Hypoxia
    Hypo- ox/o -ia
    Deficiency of oxygen
  40. Oximeter
    Ox/i -meter
    The instrument used to measure the percentage of hemoglobin in arterial blood saturated with oxygen
  41. Pector/o
    Also see steth/o; thorac/o
  42. Pectoral
    Pector/o -al
    Pertaining to the chest
  43. Expectoration
    Ex- pector/o -ation
    Process of coughing out materials from the lungs
  44. -ation
    Process (noun ending)
  45. Pharyng/o
    Pharynx; throat
  46. Pharyngoglossal
    Pharyng/o gloss/o -al
    Pertaining to the pharynx and tongue
  47. Gloss/o
  48. Oropharyngeal
    Or/o pharyng/o -eal
    Pertaining to mouth and pharynx
  49. Or/o
  50. Phren/o
  51. Phrenic
    Phren/o -ic
    Pertaining to the diaphragm
  52. Phrenotomy
    Phren/o -tomy
    Process of cutting into the diaphragm
  53. Pleur/a; pleur/o
    Pleura; pleural cavity
  54. Pleuralgia
    Pleur/a -algia
    Pain in the pleura
  55. Pneumat/o
    Air; respiration
  56. Pneumatic
    Pneumat/o -ic
    Pertaining to air or respiration
  57. Pneumon/o
  58. Pneumoconiosis
    Pneumon/o coni/o -osis
    Abnormal condition of dust in the lung; black lung
  59. Pneumopleuritis
    Pneumon/o pleur/o -itis
    Inflammation of the lungs and pleura
  60. Pneum/o
  61. Pneumonia
    Inflammation of the lung; also known as pneumonitis
  62. Pulmonary edema
    Accumulation of excess fluid in the lungs
  63. Rhin/o
  64. Otorhinolaryngology
    Ot/o rhin/o laryng/o -logy
    The study of the ear, nose, and throat
  65. Rhinitis
    Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose
  66. Rhinorrhea
    Discharge from the nose
  67. Rhinoplasty
    Surgical repair of the nose; plastic surgery on the nose for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes
  68. Sinus/o
  69. Pansinusitis
    Pan- sinus/o -itis
    Inflammation of all paranasal sinuses
  70. Sinusotomy
    Sinus/o -tomy
    Process of cutting into the sinus
  71. Spir/o
  72. Spirometer
    Spir/o -meter
    Instrument used to measure airflow and volume into and out of the lungs
  73. Spirometry
    Spir/o -metry
    Process of measuring airflow and volume into and out of the lungs
  74. Steth/o
  75. Stethoscope
    Steth/o -scope
    Instrument used to listen to chest sounds
  76. Thorac/o
  77. Thoracocentesis
    Thorac/o -centesis
    Surgical puncture to remove fluid from the pleural cavity also known as thoracentesis, pleurocentesis, and pleuracentesis
  78. Thoracodynia
    Thorac/o -dynia
    Chest pain
  79. Thoracoplasty
    Thorac/o -plasty
    Surgical reconstruction of the thorax
  80. Thoracotomy
    Thorac/o -tomy
    Process of cuting into chest
  81. Tonsill/o
  82. Tonsillar
    Tonsill/o -ar
    Pertaining to the tonsils
  83. Tonsillectomy
    Tonsill/o -ectomy
    Excision of the tonsils
  84. Tonsillitis
    Inflammation of the tonsils
  85. Tonsillotome
    Tonsill/o -tome
    Instrument used to cut the tonsils
  86. Trache/o
    Trachea; windpipe
  87. Endotracheal
    Endo- trache/o -al
    Pertaining to within the trachea
  88. Laryngotracheobronchitis
    Laryng/o trache/o bronchi/o -itis
    Inflammation of the larynx, trachea, and bronchus; also known as croup
  89. Tracheoesophageal
    Trache/o esophage/o -al
    Pertaining to the trachea and esophagus
  90. Tracheostomy
    Trache/o -stomy
    New opening into the trachea is created through the neck and a tube is inserted to assist breathing. The tracheostomy tube may be temporary or permanent.
  91. Tracheotomy
    Trache/o -tomy
    Process of cutting into the trachea
  92. -capnia
    Carbon dioxide
  93. Hypercapnia
    Hyper- -capnia
    Excessive amounys of carbon dioxide in the blood
  94. Hypocapnia
    Hypo- -capnia
    Decreased amounts ofcarbon dioxide in the blood
  95. -graphy
    • Process of recording;
    • Producing images
  96. Bronchography
    Bronch/o -graphy
    Process of producing an image of the bronchi, following injection of contrast medium
  97. Pulmonary angiography
    Process of Producing an image of the blood vessels of the lungs, following injection of contrast medium
  98. -phonia
  99. Aphonia
    Loss of voice
  100. Dysphonia
    Difficulty in speaking
  101. -pnea
  102. Apnea
    No breathing
  103. Bradypnea
    Slow breathing
  104. Dyspnea
    Painful breathing
  105. Eupnea
    Normal breathing
  106. Hyperpnea
    Abnormal increase in depth and rate of breathing
  107. Oligopnea
    Infrequent breathing
  108. Orthopnea
    Breathing only in the upright position
  109. Tachypnea
    Fast breathing
  110. -pytsis
  111. Hemoptysis
    Spitting up of blood
  112. -thorax
  113. Hemothorax
    Blood in the pleural cavity
  114. Hydothorax
    Watery fluid in the pleural cavity
  115. Pneumothorax
    Collection of air in the pleural cavity
  116. Pyothorax
    Pus in the pleural cavity; also known as empyema
  117. -sphyxia
  118. Asphyxia
    Lack of oxygen to body tissue; can interfere with respiration and eventually lead to a loss of pulse
  119. Chol/e
    Bile; gall
  120. Hiat/o
    Gape; opening
  121. Intestin/o
  122. Umbilic/o
  123. -clysis
    Washing; irritation
  124. -flux
  125. -lytic
    Pertaining to destruction, separation, or breakdown
  126. -tresia
  127. -tripsy
  128. Re-
  129. Retro-
    Backward; back
  130. Abdomin/o
  131. Abdominal
    Abdomin/o -al
    Pertaining to the abdomen
  132. An/o
  133. Anorectal
    An/o rect/o -al
    Pertaining to anus anx rectum
  134. Rect/o
  135. Perianal
    Peri- an/o -al
    Pertaining to around the anus
  136. Append/o; appendic/o
  137. Appendectomy
    Append/o -ectomy
    Surgical removal of the appendix
  138. Appendicitis
    Appendic/o -itis
    Inflammation of the appendix
  139. Bil/i
  140. Bilary
    Bil/i -ary
    Pertaining to bile
  141. Bucc/o
  142. Buccal mucosa
    Bucc/o -al mucosa
    Pertaining the mucus membrane of the check
  143. Mucosa
    Mucous membrane
  144. Cec/o
  145. Cecopexy
    Surgical fixation of cecum
  146. Cheil/o (also see labi/o)
  147. Cheiloplasty
    Surgical repair of the lips
  148. Cheilorrhapy
    Suturing of the lips
  149. Cheilosis
    Abnormal condition of the lips characyerized by deep, cracklike sores
  150. Cholangi/o
    Bile duct; bile vessel
  151. Cholangiogram
    Cholangi/o -gram
    A record of the bile ducts
  152. Cholangiopancreatography
    Cholangi/o pancreat/o -graphy
    Process of recording the bile ducts and pancreas
  153. Cholecyst/o
  154. Cholecystectomy
    Cholecyst/o -ectomy
    Excision of the gallbladder
  155. Cholecyst/o -itis
    Inflammation o the gallbladder
  156. Choledoch/o
    Common bile duct (CBD)
  157. Choledochotomy
    Choledoch/o -tomy
    Incision into the common bile duct
  158. Col/o; colon/o
  159. Colitis
    Col/o -itis
    Inflammation of the colon
  160. Colocolostomy
    Col/o col/o stomy
    Creation of a new opening between two segments of the colon
  161. Colostomy
    Creation of a new opening between the colpn ad the abdominal wall
  162. Dent/o
    Also see odont/o
  163. Endentulos
    E- dent/o -ous
    Without teeth; having had teeth but lost them
  164. Dental caries
    Dent/o -al caries
    Tooty decay
  165. Caries
    Decay; cavities
  166. Duoden/o
    Duodenum (proximal portion of small intestine)
  167. Duodenal
    Pertaining to the duodenum
  168. Enter/o
    Small intestine; intestine
  169. Gastroenteritis
    Inflammation of the stomach and intestines
  170. Gastroenterologist
    Specialist in the study of treatment of diseases of the digestive tract
  171. Esophag/o
  172. Esophgeal atresia
    Closure of the esophagus
  173. Gastroesophgeal reflux
    Backward flow of gastri contents into the esophagus
  174. Gastr/o
  175. Gastroectomy
    Excision of the stomach
  176. Gastrointestinal
    Pertaining to the stomach and intestine
  177. Gastrotomy
    To cut into the stomach
  178. Intestin/o
  179. Nasogastric tube
    A tube placed into the nose and extended into the stomach for the insertion or withdrawl of substance
  180. Gingiv/o
    Also see lingulo
  181. Gingivobuccal
    Pertaining to the gums and cheeks
  182. Gingivitis
    Inflammed gums
  183. Gloss/o
    Also see lingu/o
  184. Glossectomy
    Excision of the tongue
  185. Hepat/o
  186. Hepatocellular
    Pertaining to liver cells
  187. Hepatitis
    Inflammation ofthe liver
  188. Hepatoma
    Tumor ofthe liver
  189. Herni/o
    Hernia; protrusion or displacement of an organ through a structure that normally contains it
  190. Femoral hernia
    Displacement of intestines through the fermoral canal; more common in females than males
  191. Herniorrhaphy
    Hernia repair
  192. Hiatal hernia
    Displacement of the stomach above the diaphragm into the thoracic cavity
  193. Inguinal hernia
    Displacement of intestines through the inguinal canal; more common in males than females
  194. Umbilical hernia
    Displacement of intestines through a weak spot in the abdominal wall near he umbilicus
  195. ile/o
    ileum (distal portion of the small intestine)
  196. ileostomy
    Creation of a new opening between the ileum and abdominal wall
  197. Ileotomy
    To cut into ileum
  198. Jejun/o
    Jejunum (middle portion of the small intestines)
  199. Gastrojejunostomy
    New opening between the stomach and jejunum; anastomosis between the stomach and jejunum
  200. Jujenal
    Pertaining to the jejunum
  201. Labi/o
  202. Labial
    Pertaining to the lips
  203. Labioglossopharyngeal
    Pertaining to the lips, tongue, and throat
  204. Lapar/o
  205. Laparoscope
    Lapar/o -scope
    Instrument used to visually examine the inside of the abdomen
  206. Laparoscopy
    Process of visually examining the inside of the abdomen
  207. Laparotomy
    Incisision into the abdominal wall
  208. Lingu/o
  209. Sublingual
    Pertaining to under the tongue
  210. Lith/o
  211. Cholecystolithiasis
    Cholecyst/o lith/o -iasis
    Condition of stone in the gallbladder
  212. Choledocholithiasis
    Choledoch/o lith/o -iasis
    Abnormal condition of stones in the common bile duct
  213. Litholytic agent
    Oral drugs used to break down gallbladder, thereby eliminating the need for surgery
  214. Lithotripsy
    Crushing of gallstones into pebbles tiny enough to be eliminated without surgical removal
  215. Choledocholithotripsy
    Choledoch/o lith/o -tripsy
    Crushing of stones in the common bile duct
  216. Odont/o
  217. Endodontist
    Dentist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disease with in the tooth such such as in pulp
  218. Orthodontist
    Dentist who specializes in the correction of deformed or maloccluded teeth
  219. Periodontist
    Specialist in diseases of tissue around the tooth such as gums and cemetum
  220. Orex/i
  221. Anorexia
    Loss of appetite
  222. Or/o see also stomat/o
  223. Oral
    Pertaining to the mouth
  224. Pancreat/o
  225. Pancreatitis
    Inflammation of the pancreas
  226. Peritone/o
  227. Perionitis
    Perione/o -itis
    Inflammation of the peritoneum
  228. Retroperitoneal
    Behind the peritoneum
  229. Ventriculoperitoneal
    Ventricul/o peritone/o -al
    The use of a shunt to divert cerebrospinal fluid from ventricles to the peritoneum shunt
  230. Pharyng/o
    Throat; pharynx
  231. Pharyngeal
    Pertaining to the pharynx
  232. Proct/o
    Also see rect/o
  233. Proctologist
    Specialist in the study of the rectum
  234. Proctolysis
    Irrigation of the rectom irrigation
  235. Pylor/o
    Pylorus (distal portion of the stomach); pyloric sphincter
  236. Pyloric stenosis
    Narrowing of the pylorus
  237. Pylorospasm
    Sudden, involuntary contraction of the pylorus
  238. Pyloromyotomy
    Incision into the pyloric sphincter
  239. Rectostenosis
    Narrowing or stricture of the rectum
  240. Sial/o
  241. Salivary
    Pertaining to the saliva
  242. Sialaden/o
    Salivary gland
  243. Sialadenitis
    Inflammation of salivary gland
  244. Sigmoid/o
    Sigmoid colon
  245. Sigmoidoscopy
    Process of visually examining the sigmoid colon
  246. Steat/o
  247. Steatorrhea
    Discharge of fat in the feces
  248. Stomat/o
  249. Stomatitis
    Inflammation of the mouth
  250. Viscer/o
    Internal organs
  251. Visceroptosis
    Drooping of the internal organs
  252. -chalasia
  253. Achalasia
    Inability of muscles of the digestive tract to relax
  254. -grade
    To step; to go
  255. Retrograde
    Backward flow, especially fluid
  256. -emesis
  257. Hyperemesis
    Excessive vomiting
  258. Hematemesis
    Vomiting blood
  259. Melanemesis
    Black vomit cased by the mixing of blood with intestinal contents
  260. -lith
  261. Cholelith
  262. Sialolith
    Stone in the salivary gland or duct
  263. -phagia
    Eating; swallowing
  264. Aphagia
    No eating
  265. Dysphagia
    Difficulty in eating
  266. Polyphagia
    Excessive eating
  267. -plakia
  268. Leukoplakia
    White patches on the mucous membrane
  269. -pepsia
  270. Dyspepsia
  271. -prandial
  272. Postprandial
    After a meal
  273. Endo-
  274. Endoscopy
    Process of visually examining the internal body cavities by inserting a tube equipped with a light and lens system; examples are gastroscopy, laparoscopy, and colonoscopy.
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