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  1. nempe
    certainly, doubtless, to be sure
  2. nidus -i m.
  3. nimirum
    without doubt, certainly, doubtless (ironical)
  4. Notus -i m.
    south wind
  5. nummus -i m.
    coin, money
  6. nux nucis f.
  7. obduco -ere -duxi -ductum
    bring or place against, cover over
  8. oblecto (1)
    delight, amuse
  9. obruo -ere -ui -utum
    overwhelm, swamp, destroy
  10. obscenus -a -um
    of evil omen, filthy, disgusting
  11. obsecro (1)
    appeal, entreat
  12. obtempero (1) (+ dat.)
    comply with, obey
  13. occumbo -ere -cubui -cubitum (mortem or morte)
    fall dying, die
  14. offendo -ere -fendi -fensum
    hit against, come across, meet with,blunder, offend
  15. officina -ae f.
  16. oleo -ere olui
    smell (intrans.), smack of
  17. oleum -i n.
  18. opimus -a -um
    rich, sumptuous
  19. opprobrium -i n.
    reproach, disgrace
  20. optimates -um m.pl.
    the aristocratic party
  21. ordior -iri -orsus
  22. pagus -i m.
    district, village
  23. pango -ere panxi pactum) (in perf. forms pepigi)
    compose; Perf: fix, settle, agree upon, contract
  24. parricida -ae c.
    murderer of a parent, parricide
  25. partior -iri -itus
    share, divide
  26. parturio -ire -ivi
    be in labour, bring forth, produce
  27. partus -us m.
    birth, offspring
  28. passer -eris m.
  29. passim
    in all directions
  30. patricius -a -um
    patrician, noble
  31. peiero or periuro (1)
    perjure oneself
  32. penes (+ acc.)
    in the power of
  33. penetralia -ium n.pl.
    interior (esp. of a building), innermost parts
  34. percontor -ari -atus
    question, enquire
  35. percutio -cutere -cussi -cussum
    hit hard, kill, shock
  36. perditus -a -um
    ruined, desperate, reckless
  37. perinde (with ac, atque, ut)
    just as, exactly as
  38. pernicies -ei f.
    destruction, ruin
  39. pernix (gen. -icis)
    quick, nimble
  40. perpetro (1)
    achieve, perform, commit
  41. persona -ae f.
    mask, part, character, role
  42. persto -are -stiti -statum
    stand fast, hold out, persist
  43. pictor -oris m.
  44. pignus -oris n.
    pledge, (in pl.) children
  45. plango -ere planxi planctum
    beat, lament
  46. plumbum -i n.
  47. poculum -i n.
    cup, drink, potion
  48. polluo -ere -ui -utum
    pollute, desecrate, defile
  49. populares -ium m.pl.
    popular party, democrats
  50. porrigo -ere porrexi porrectum
    stretch out, offer
  51. praecipio -cipere -cepi -ceptum
    give instructions, warn
  52. praeco -onis m.
    crier, auctioneer
  53. praeditus -a -um
    endowed with (+ abl.)
  54. praeteritus -a -um
  55. prandeo -ere prandi
    take morning meal
  56. prandium -i n.
    morning meal, lunch
  57. pransus -a -um
    having eaten lunch, breakfasted
  58. pravus -a -um
    crooked, perverse, bad
  59. pridem (often iampridem)
    long ago
  60. procella -ae f.
  61. proclivis -is -e
    downhill, liable to
  62. prodigium -i n.
    sign, portent
  63. progenies -ei f.
    descendants, progeny
  64. proinde (with ac, atque, quasi, ut)
    in the same way, equally, just
  65. proles -is f.
  66. pronus -a -um
    face-down, headlong, inclined to
  67. pudicus -a -um
    modest, pure
  68. pudicitia -ae f.
    modesty, chastity
  69. pulso (1)
    beat, strike, disturb
  70. pungo -ere pupugi punctum
    prick, sting
  71. puter or putris -tris -tre
    rotten, decaying, crumbling
  72. putidus -a -um
    rotten, disgusting
  73. quadrigae -arum f.pl.
    four-horse chariot
  74. quaeso -ere -ivi
    beg, beseech, pray
  75. quamprimum
    as soon as possible
  76. quercus -us f.
  77. rabidus -a -um
    mad, raving
  78. rabies -em -e f.
    rage, frenzy
  79. rado -ere rasi rasum
    scrape, shave, graze
  80. ratus -a -um
    fixed, settled, certain
  81. recordor -ari -atus
    remember, recall
  82. redigo -ere -egi -actum
    bring back, bring or reduce to a state,make, render
  83. redoleo -ere -olui
    smell (of)
  84. regula -ae f.
    rule, standard, pattern
  85. relego (1)
    send away, banish
  86. repugno (1)
    oppose, resist (+ dat.)
  87. reputo (1)
    think over, reflect on
  88. resono (1)
    resound, re-echo
  89. respicio -ere -spexi -spectum
    look back, pay attention to
  90. retego -ere -texi -tectum
  91. revertor -i -verti (act.) (part. reversus)
  92. sagax (gen. -acis)
    keen, shrewd
  93. sancio -ire sanxi sanctum
    consecrate, confirm, ratify
  94. sane
  95. sanies -em -e f.
    putrid blood
  96. satio (1)
    fill, glut, satisfy
  97. satur -ura -urum
    fed full, sated
  98. scilicet
    of course, certainly, doubtless (ironic)
  99. scrutor -ari -atus
    examine carefully
  100. secedo -ere -cessi -cessum
    withdraw, retire
  101. secerno -ere -crevi -cretum
    separate, distinguish
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