Ancient Greece Vocabulary

  1. Isthmus
    A narrow strip of land with water on both sides connecting two larger areas of land.
  2. Olympics
    An athletic festival that honored the Greek god Zeus.
  3. Parthenon
    A temple that was dedicated to the goddess Athena and was overseen by Pericles, it took nine years to build.
  4. Pericles
    A general from Athens, noted for building the Parthenon. Under his leadership Athens entered a golden age of peace, wealth, and artistic achievement.
  5. Myth
    A story that described the actions of Greek gods and goddesses and how they effected everyday life.
  6. Hoplites
    Foot soldiers of the Greek army.
  7. Hera
    Greek goddess of children and marriage.
  8. Helots
    Conquered by the Spartans these people were forced to be slaves.
  9. Oligarchy
    Rule by a small group of people.
  10. Hippocrates
    A Greek doctor that taught that illnesses had natural causes and were not punishment by the gods.
  11. Herodotus
    The first Greek historian who also wrote books about the Persian Wars.
  12. Pythagoras
    Greek mathematician who introduced Pythagorean's theme used in geometry.
  13. Socrates
    Greek philosopher who taught the Socratic method of teaching. This method teaches students by asking them questions. Used today as a method of debate.
  14. Agora
    An outdoor market place in ancient Greece.
  15. Assembly
    In ancient Greece an Athenian governing body of all citizens over the age of 18.
  16. Aristocracy
    A government owned by a few wealthy people.
  17. Athens
    A city-state that was the best example of ancient Greek democracy and was the capital.
  18. Sparta
    An ancient Greek city-state that was under strict military rule.
  19. Democracy
    A government by the people.
  20. Homer
    Ancient Greek poet who composed two poems about the Trojan War.
  21. Mercenary
    A hired soldier.
  22. Philospher
    A person who studies truth and knowledge.
  23. Plato
    Ancient Greek philosopher and disciple of Socrates who was a famous thinker.
  24. Socratic Method
    An approach to teaching developed by the greek philosopher Socrates — which induces thinking.
  25. Archimedes
    Scientist of the Hellenistic age who was the first person to explain how levers work.
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