1. a solution cannot be mechanically ________
  2. suspension
    a mixture of finely divided solid particles dispersed in a liquid
  3. most suspensions will have this appearance
  4. spike 80w is formulated as a wettable powder and forms a _______when mixed with water for application
  5. emulsion
    a mixture that occurs when one liquid is dispersed (as droplets) in another liquid.
  6. emulsions will have this appearance and will need this to keep from separating
    • milky
    • agitation
  7. formulation selection 6 concerns
    • applicator saftey
    • environmental concern
    • pest biology
    • available equipment
    • surfaces to be protected
    • cost
  8. solid formulations are divided into 2 groups
    • ready to use
    • concentrates
  9. solid formulation that are ready to use and those to be mixed with water
    • ready to use - dusts, granules, pellets
    • mixed with water - wettable powders, dry flowables, soluble powders
  10. dusts -D
    • D; manufactured by the sorption of an active ingredient onto a finely ground, solid inert such as talc, clay, or chalk
    • excellent coverage, but inhalation and drift hazard
  11. dust no longer used in
    large scale outdoor situation, drift hazard
  12. granules -G
    • G; similar to dusts but active ingredient is sorbed onto a larger particle ( clay, sand, or plant material)
    • low inhalation and dermal hazard
  13. drawback to granules
    • bulk
    • handling
    • uniform
    • application
    • attractive to birds
  14. granules are applied_______and intended for
    dry, soil
  15. pellets -P, PS
    • P, PS; similar to granules, but active ingredient is combined with inert materials.
    • uniform in size and shape
  16. pellets are typically used in
    spot applications with high degree of safety for user; but can roll downhill
  17. wettable powders -W, WP
    • W, WP; finely divided solids, typically mineral clays, to which an active ingredient is sorbed
    • add water and spray
    • require agitation
    • can plug up the works
  18. dry flowables aka dispersible granules -DF
    DF; manufactured like wettable powders but the powder is aggregated in the granular particles
  19. water dispersable granules; WDG
    • soluble powders; not common
    • mixed with water in spray tank where they dissolve and form a true solution prior to spraying
  20. liquid formulations (4 types)
    • liquid flowables
    • microencapsulates
    • emulsifiable concentrates
    • solutions
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