1. What is the definition of an Accident?
    1. person is fatally or seriously injured

    2. a/c sustains damage that requires repair or replacement

    3. a/c is missing or inaccessible
  2. What is the definition of an AIR SPACE INCIDENT?
    An incident caused by deviating from rules of avoiding collisions

    1.  between a/c

    2. between a/c and obstacles when under ATS
  3. What is the definition of a BIRD INCIDENT?
    1.  between a/c & bird 

    2. when birds cause alarm to the pilot
  4. What is the definition of an INCIDENT?
    Any aircraft occurrence, other than an accident, which could affect operational safety.
  5. What is the definition of an SERIOUS INJURY?
    1. 48 hours hospilisation

    2. fracture

    3. internal organ

    4. 2nd or 3rd degree burns

    6. infectious substance or injurious radiation
  6. How quickly must the Authority be notified of an accident?
    ASAP by PIC or operator

    • Form CA005 within 10 DAYS
    • Needs statement from each flight crew member
  7. How quickly must the Authority be notified of an INCIDENT?
    ASAP by PIC or operator

    Form CA005 within 10 DAYS
  8. What is the definition of a CONTROL SYSTEM?
    A systems by which the flight path, attitude, or propulsive force of an aircraft is changed

    includes the flight, engine, propeller controls
  9. Can you carry dive bottles on an aircraft?
    Yes, If :

    • unpressurised
    • under 5700kg MTOW
    • domestic flight
    • VFR
    • not forbidden
    • safety and emergency procedures are established
    • each DG is identified
    • PIC is informed of hazardous nature of goods
    • DG are in a proper condition/segregated if they might react, packed so as to prevent leakage.

    CAR 92.11c
  10. You will complete 9 hours of flying at 10:30pm.  How much time do you need off?
    14 hours.

    • Infringed the 10pm to 6am period.
    • 8 hours is maximum duty = 10 hours rest
    • + 1 hour per 15 minutes over 8 hours.

    CAR 122.103
  11. What must you do when you spill fuel during refueling?
    If impermeable surface and endangers person or property, you must

    • Stop refueling
    • Cover fuel with sawdust/sand/earth/foam/dry chemical

    CAR 135.75
  12. Can you ever carry intoxicated or drugged passengers?

    If no danger and reasonable action for preventing risk to aircraft and occupants is taken.

    EG Search and Rescue or Medi-Evac flight

    CAR 135.67b, CAR 91.203
  13. How often are you required to do position reports?
    Every 30 minutes/as required by ATIS (VFR).

    CAR 91.309
  14. At what altitude must VFR fly at hemispherical levels?
    3,000' ABV SFC in the PM FIR

    CAR 91.309
  15. What experience do you need to be PIC of a single engine aircraft?
    5 hrs + 5 takeoffs landings

    CAR 135.505a1
  16. Are you always required to give a pax brief?

    if the PIC considers pax are already familiar.

    CAR 91.211b6
  17. Can you perform an air operation in PY below 2,500'?


    • below 5700kg MCTOW
    • essential for the operation

    (Normall can not operate less than 2,500' over any congested area of PM due noise abatement procedures)

    CAR 93 B 93.57 b
  18. At what altitude must you set 1013.2 hPa?
    20,000' AMSL and above

    CAR 91.239b1
  19. Can pilots change tires?

    CAR 43 Appendix A
  20. What is the transponder code for engine failure?

    Engine failure requires the emergency SSR code

    CAR 91.249
  21. What time is allowed of you to complete your logbook when away from base?
    48 hours after you return to base.

    7 days is normal after completion of flight.

    CAR 61.25c
  22. What is the definition of an AIR OPERATION?
    The carriage of passengers mail or cargo by air for hire or reward
  23. Is a BFR required for air operations only?

    It is required to exercise the privileges of the license.

    CAR 61.35a
  24. How long is a Class 1 medical valid for if you're 35 and conducting air operations?
    12 months as are under 40.

    Can be extended if in demoted areas as per CAR 67.59

    Conducting air operations or not is irrelevant

    CAR 67.57
  25. What traffic and minimum visibility is required in Class C below 10,000' AMSL?
    5km visibility

    • IFR and IFR/VFR/SFR
    • Special VFR flights

    • CAR 91.301 Table 4
    • CAR 71.105 (1)
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