Scene 4 - Pajama Party

  1. Marty: Who cares, as long as they don't get their hooks into "Kookie".
    Rizzo: Jeez, you guys, I almost forgot! A little Sneaky Pete to get the party goin'!
  2. Frenchy: Hey, we need some glasses.
    Rizzo: Just drink it out of the bottle, we ain't got cooties.
  3. Marty: It's kind of sweet. I think I like Thunderbird better.
    Rizzo: Okay, Princess Grace.
  4. Jan: It says right here, it's a dessert wine!
    Rizzo: Hey, Sandy didn't get any wine.
  5. Sandy: Oh, that's okay. I don't mind.
    Rizzo: Hey, I'll bet you never had a drink before, either...
  6. Sandy: Sure I did. I had some champagne at my cousin's wedding once.
    Rizzo: Oh, Ring-a-ding-ding!

    • (Hands her wine. Sandy sips wine cautiously) 
    • Hey, no! Ya' gotta chug it. Like this!

    • (Rizzo takes a big slug from the bottle)
    • Otherwise you swallow air bubbles and that's what makes you throw up.
  7. Sandy: Well... no. But isn't it awfully dangerous?
    Rizzo: You ain't afraid, are ya'?
  8. Sandy: Listen, I'm sorry, but I'm not feeling too well, and I..."
    Rizzo: Look, Sandy, if you think you're gonna be hangin' around with the Pink Ladies - you gotta get with it! Otherwise forget it... and go back to your got cocoa and Girl Scout cookies.
  9. Frenchy: Har-dee-har-har!
    Rizzo: That chick's gettin' to be a real nerd.
  10. Marty: Yeah, she can't help it if she ain't been around.
    • Rizzo: Yeah, well, how long are we supposed to play babysitter for her? 
    • (A loud "urp" sound is heard offstage)
    • What was that?
  11. Frenchy: Nah. I only did one. As soon as she saw the blood she went BLEUGH!
    Rizzo: God! What a Party Poop!
  12. Marty: Oh, you like it? It's from Japan.
    Rizzo: Yeah, everything's made in Japan these days.
  13. Jan: You never told us you knew any Marines.
    Rizzo: How long you known this guy?
  14. Frenchy: Jeez! Engaged to a Marine!
    Rizzo: Endsville. (sarcastically)
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Scene 4 - Pajama Party
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