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  1. When marching at quick time, what is the normal distance of the arm swing?
    nine inches to the front, six to the rear
  2. When marching at quick time, what is the distance of a single step?
    30 inches
  3. If outdoors during the playing of the National Anthem, a person in uniform, but not in formation, should do what?
    Come to attention, face the music/flag, and salute
  4. At what drill position do the cadet's head and eyes follow the individual who is in charge of the formation?
    stand at ease
  5. What are the two parts of a drill command?
    Preparatory Command and Command of Execution
  6. You normally fall in and start drill from what position?
  7. What type of uniform is normally worn during ceremonies, social functions, and formal inspections?
    Class A uniform
  8. You may talk while in what drill position?
  9. What is the proper length of a half step?
    15 inches
  10. In drill, what are the positions of the rest at halt?
    Parade Rest, Stand at Ease, At Ease and Rest
  11. What is the leader's position when the squad is in line formation?
    three steps in front of the squad and centered
  12. At the command "Double Time, March, " you will march in a cadence of how many steps for minute?
  13. What is the position of the head when executing the command "Eyes Right"
    All cadets turn their head to the right except those on the extreme right (base) squad. These Remain looking forward.
  14. What are the symptoms of heat exhaustion?
    dizziness, fainting, paleness, and mosit/cool skin
  15. How does one reduce bleeding in a victim?
    elevate the wound about the level of the heart
  16. What does CPR stand for?
    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  17. What is one of the most common injuries caused by exposure to the cold?
  18. What does first aid mean?
    first aid means the first treatment given to a victim before professional medical help arrives
  19. What is the Heimlich maneuver used for?
    The Heimlich Maneuver is used to clear a blocked airway
  20. What is artificial respiration used for?
    to restore breathing
  21. What do the colors of the flag mean?
    white- purity, red - valor, blue - vigilance, perseverance, justice
  22. What is meant by the flag being positioned at half-staff?
    sign of mounring
  23. What does the gold star mean?
    honor unit of distinction
  24. What do the torches represent on the JROTC insignia?
  25. What is the mission of JROTC?
    To motivate young people to become better citizens
  26. What is the key to success in JROTC?
  27. What are the two major categories of rank and grade for cadets and military personnel?
    officers and enlisted personnel
  28. What is the title given to the cadet leader in charge of the company?
    company commander
  29. Being a good follower is part of what concept?
    good leadership
  30. What does the position of honor dictate?
    Those of lower rank walk or sit to the left of those with superior rank
  31. When talking to an officer, how should you address him/her to show proper military courtesy?
    sir or ma'am
  32. What is leadership?
    The ability to influence others in order to accomplish a task on time and to the best of their ability
  33. What are the three parts of a research paper?
    introduction, body, conclusion
  34. What is Teamwork?
    working together to complete tasks on time with good results
  35. Who is the Commander-In-Cheif of the Armed Forces?
    Honorable Barack O'bama
  36. Wht is the name for the JROTC torch?
    The Corps Insignia
  37. Who is the Vice President of the United States?
    Joe Biden
  38. What are the charactersitics of good leadership?
    morale, discipline, esprit de corps, and proficiency
  39. What are the primary concerns of a military leader?
    • 1. Accomplishment of the mission
    • 2. Welfare of the troops
  40. What is meant by the term "initiative"?
    A quality of seeing what had to be done and taking the necessary action in the absence of clearly defined orders
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