Moral Law 3 and 5

  1. Moral Law 3 Integrity and Knowledge
    • There is a natural Intergrety in our being
    • " " concern not to be divided against oneself
  2. Moral Law 3 (Nature)
    • -Integrity is concern for consistancy in what we say and do
    • -What we say is both implicted and explicted to ourselves and others
    • - Concern for consistency is necessary and sufficient for knowledge
    • - CFC is objective not subjective Integrity
  3. Moral Law 3 (Law)
    • We should have integrity
    • We should have a concern for consistency
  4. Moral Law 3 (Application)
    • i~claming to want to known w/out self examination
    • i~ is not sincerity is necessary for dialogue
    • i~Integrity dialogue w/o reason
    • i~skepticism w/out discipline to put it into practice
    • i~ to making a vow and not keeping it
    • i~ hypocrisy
    • i~ placing practcle and psychological above concern for truth
  5. Moral Law 3 (Consequences)
    • (good) As integrity increases clarity increases
    • (Bad) As integrity decreases, stuper increases
  6. Moral Law 5 (Authority and Insight) Origin
    • We are born ignorant: we need to be taught the good and the means to the good
    • -authority is expressed fundamentally in teaching
  7. Moral Law 5 (Nature)
    • -Authority is rational not personal
    • -Authority is based on insight not might
    • -Insight is historically cummulative not individual
  8. Moral Law 5 (Law)
    • Authority based on insight must be honored
    • Authority w/o insight must be removed when possible
  9. Moral Law 5 (Application)
    • ~persons w/o insight in positions of authority
    • ~principles of authority that are not self attesting
    • ~reversing order of authority in each person
    • ~reversing order of authority in eahc institution
    • ~Totaliterianism among institutions
    • ~state over family and family over state
    • ~state over buisness and buisness over state
  10. Moral Law 5 (Consequences)
    • (Bad) authority w/o insight subverts and perverts the good
    • (Good) all with insight is protective and productive of the good
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