A&P2 Test 2 (4)

  1. The alternate expansion and recoil of elastic arteries after each systole of the left ventricle creates a traveling pressure wave
  2. due to decreased blood volume
    hypovolemic shock
  3. due to poor heart function
    cardiogenic shock
  4. due to inappropriate vasodilation
    vascular shock
  5. due to obstruction of blood flow.
    obstructive shock
  6. consists of a fluid called lymph, vessels called lymphatic vessels that transport the lymph
    lymphatic system
  7. components of the lymphatic system
    lymph, lymphatic vessels, lymphatic tissues, and red bone marrow
  8. 3 functions of the lymphatic system
    • 1.)Drains excess interstitial fluid.
    • 2.) Transports dietary lipids.
    • 3.) Carries out immune responses.
  9. which resemble small veins in structure but have thinner walls and more valves;
    lymphatic vessels
  10. are located in the spaces between cells, are closed at one end; form venules and then veins, lymphatic capillaries unite to form larger lymphatic vessels
    lymphatic capillaries
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A&P2 Test 2 (4)
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